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Welding robot

Application of automatic soldering welding robot

Automatic welding robot -Automatic soldering robot / Automatic Solder Machine for LED Soldering, Auto Solder Robot. It is one of the products of CNC’s manufacturing and integration robot application. Used for automatic soldering of printed circuit boards by point or by line. 

This type of robot is used in many factories producing and assembling circuit boards and electronic components. Help reduce welding time compared to traditional manual welding method. Control welding process, uniform quality, high accuracy and improve automation, productivity for chains. 



Welding robot is designed and programmed according to customer’s requirements for each specific product to optimize movement, reduce cycle time of welding process and improve productivity.

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Technical specifications

Automatic soldering welding robot composed of 

– Lightweight and sturdy body structure frame helps the machine to operate stably and move the machine to the working position in the chain easily. 

– Motion system of three-axis moving head with two axis X and Z, Y-directional motion table. Using guide rails, steps or servo motor to move the machine flexibly and quickly in many forms such as points by coordinates, lines, circles, zigzag and three-dimensional interpolation. 

– PLC control system, automatic tin wire and perform multi-point welding operations with high accuracy

Outstanding features:

– Robots are programmed by many high-speed processing technology modes. 

– Simple operation, compact weight convenient to use.   

Robot han thiec tu dong CNCVina chuan bi duoc xuat xuong-welding robot

The image of a batch of welding robots made by CNCVina is being assembled at the assembly room of the factory. With automatic welding robot of CNC, parts welding process, welding printed circuit boards in the production and assembly line of electronic components will take place quickly and accurately.

Application of robots to production lines helps reduce human time and participation, increase the level of automation, and increase productivity.