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Vietnamese face mask making machine

Vietnamese supplier mask making machine, medical mask production line with a capacity of 100-120 pieces / minute.

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We also supply fabricating and installation services for most of industry lines for FDI in Vietnam.


Factory: Lot CN6, Center for Industrial Cluster Development, Minh Khai Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

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Price of medical mask making machine, 3d mask, 3M, N95, mini, price for making medical mask machine, 3m medical mask making machine, fabric mask making machine…These are keywords that have never been searched by Google, Facebook or YouTube as much as they are currently in Viet Nam and around the word.

At CNC-VINA, medical face mask making machine, face mask production line is a specialized automatic machine that customers are interested in and asked to buy the most.

Following the trend of the market of manufacturing and exporting medical masks in Vietnam today, CNC-VINA is focusing on designing and manufacturing mask lines with separate machine modules.

We also supply fabricating and installation services for most of industry lines for FDI in Vietnam.

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A production line of body mask welding machines and 2-3 semi-automatic or automatic ear loop welding machines is manufactured entirely in Vietnam. The advantage of this type of mask production line is that masking machines can operate automatically and independently, ensuring that the line is always operating without interruption when a certain step meets the problem as much as with full automatic line.

may lam khau trang - may han than khau trang cncvina
– Mask production line, face mask making machine made in Vietnam, mask line made in Vietnam designed, manufactured and installed by CNC-VINA. It helps to easily optimize and upgrade according to customer requirements to match production requirements. 12-month warranty, 24/7 support.


– The whole machine frame is made of shaped aluminum frame, anodized aluminum, chromium-nickel steel, stainless steel, CNC machined parts with high precision to ensure medical    standards. The parts and surfaces in contact with the face mask are made of stainless steel (SUS) to help ensure hygiene and safety for the product.
– The machine control system is equipped with an advanced PLC control system, a display screen User(inter face) friendly.
– Equipped with pneumatic equipment system, mechanical equipment, electrical control equipment imported from Japan Japan, Korea, Taiwan
– Ultrasonic welding unit: imported from South Korea with high durability and stability.
– Easy to operate warranty, maintenance, repair, minimize the rate of waste products in the production process export.

The leading company of designs, manufactures automatic lines, and mask making machine made in Vietnam


  • Features:

– Producing 3 – 4 layers face masks.

– There is a structure to guide, create wrinkles, create folds of fabric

– Easy to operate and control. Smart, lightweight design and hardness

  • Specifications:

Machine size: L3150 x W750 x H1850mm

Face Mask size: 170 ~ 175 x 92 ~ 95mm

Speed: 80-120 pcs / minute

Finished product ratio: 95-99%

Voltage: 1 phase, 220VAC, 50Hz

Power: 3.5 Kw

Compressed air pressure: Not used

Number of ultrasonics welding unit: 1 set


  •  Features:

– Automatic ear loop welding 2 sides (outer ear loop)

– Conveyor step by step automatic translation, adjust speed by HMI screen

– Adjust the ear loop length easily with the servo motor

– Easy to operate and manipulate. Smart, lightweight and hardness design.

  • Specifications:

Machine size: L900mm x W800 x H1500mm

Face Mask size: 170 ~ 175 x 92 ~ 95mm

Speed: 35 – 45 pcs / minute

Finished product ratio: 95-99%

Voltage: 1 phase, 220VAC, 50Hz

Power: 6 Kw

Compressed air pressure: 0.4 – 0.6 Mpa

Number of ultrasonic welding unit: 2 sets


may lam khau trang - may han quai khau trang cncvina

  • Features:

– Earloop welding 4-layers and 3-layers medical masks.

– Welding automatically earloop 2 sides (outer earloop).

– Adjust the speed of the motor easily with the servo motor

– Easy to operate and manipulate. Smart, hardness and lightweight design.

  • Specifications:

Machine size: L1010 x W704 x H1500mm

Mask size: 170 ~ 175 x 92 ~ 95mm

Speed: 15-20 pcs / minute

Finished product ratio: 95-99%

Voltage: 1 phase, 220VAC, 50Hz

Power: 2,5 Kw

Compressed air pressure: 0.4 – 0.6 Mpa

Number of ultrasonics welding unit: 1 set

Why should invest in a medical mask making machine and an automatic mask making line?

The important role of medical masks in epidemic prevention

Medical masks are used to cover the mouth and nose of the user, allowing to reduce the risk of contamination of secretions from the mouth and nose during close contact.

They are mainly used for doctors and health care workers during surgery and at the same time trap bacteria in droplets of aerosol and aerosols from the mouth and nose of the user, thereby protecting the person contact opposite.

Facing the complicated situation of Covid 19 epidemic, there have been huge losses of people and the global economy. Especially in countries like China, Europe (Italy, Spain, UK) and the USA.

The main cause is attributed to the habit of not using masks in public places of Westerners, causing the epidemic to spread at a dizzying speed and beyond the control of foreign governments.

At the present time, the West is revisiting the role of medical masks in community epidemic, though it is too late.
Eastern people, including Vietnam always use cloth masks, medical masks, N95 masks, 3M masks when them on the road, at dusty workplaces and especially in public places, places at high risk of transmitting infectious diseases such as airports, train stations, buses, hospitals, supermarkets …

This habit has helped a lot in preventing and combating respiratory infections. Antibacterial fabric masks are also a more economical option but inconvenient in cleaning, washing and drying. While medical masks always ensure a new clean, prevent disease and respond immediately to daily use.

Demand for medical masks is increasing day by day

In the context of acute respiratory infections SARS-Cov 2 (Covid 19) has been threatening the health and security of many countries, including Vietnam.

The use of a mask when going out, in public places, in close contact with people has become a must. Therefore, the number of masks consumed has increased many times compared to normal. Perennial masks manufacturers, though operating at full capacity, are not enough to meet the needs of the market.

The market demand is expected to increase in the coming months of this year. Especially medical masks market in countries heavily affected by Covid 19 Europe and the US. Need a lot of mask and mask making machine for export and sell oversea
Since April 15, 2020, the President has allowed the export of medical masks, so the foreign market promises to be an opportunity for investors who are wondering whether to invest in a mask production line. And even when the disease is gone, wearing masks in public places of people has become a habit and will be maintained for a long time. Although the price of masks in the market is sometimes up to a dozen times higher than the price allowed for its sale.
Mask production is the choice of taking quantity to make a profit

Even when the epidemic is out of service or in the case that a mask is manufactured and sold at the prescribed price, the investor of the mask production line will quickly recover the investment in a short time. By the capacity of an ordinary mask making line has reached 80-100 pieces / minute.The operation of the line is almost automatic. The line can be operated 24/7 with minimum number of workers and raw materials with low cost, easy to import.
Not everyone has the resources to invest in a machine and a mask making line

The cost of investing in a range of mask making machines with single stages such as mask body making machines, earloop welding machines with ultrasonic welding unit or even an automatic mask production line usually ranges from a few hundred million to several billion. Not everyone can afford to invest in this type of line. Therefore, this is an opportunity for potential people and plans to invest in long-term production.

Process of manufacturing medical masks with lines and mask making machines

Process of making medical masks with automatic mask making machines

Depending on whether you want to produce 3-layer or 4-layer medical masks, the input materials will be arranged with prices with the placement of the batch (roller, feeder) very easy to manipulate.

Each type of fabric (layers of mask) will correspond to a roll rack. The layers of fabric are pulled and stacked into a long strip by the roller system. It is also the types of masks that we often see with the outside surface (blue) that is waterproof and the inside (white) that absorbs water produced by the user during respiration and talk.

The layers of fabric are passed through the creasing roller system (water traps, splashes). The inner pleats help retain water, while the exterior prevents the water from being kept on the surface for a long time.

Next, the roller (essentially the ultrasonic welding heads rolling holes on the surface of the two sides of this fabric strip) has the effect of pulling the strip away, just welding the edge to create a tight and firm fit. width of the respirator.In this stage, the name, the mask code, also received by the ultrasonic welding head is the roller which quickly forms on the surface.

The plastic nose wire has also been provided by the system, cut to a standard length, and threaded into either of these edges. This position will then rest on the nose of the wearer to keep the mask firmly in use.

The cutting head with the blade attached on the circumference of the roller has the circumference of the length of the mask. The cutting head will cut quickly, cuts are sharp.

Depending on the requirements of mask shape, number of layers of fabric, non-woven fabrics, antibacterial fabrics to be used and product standards of each export market. Ultrasonic body welding assembly will be designed with different welding roller surface (horn welding bottom).

With conventional medical masks, a rectangular weld profile with four edges running along the four edges is created with a non woven ultrasonic welding machine. More advanced types of medical masks (pictured below) have a more complex profile. Accordingly, the cutting blades on the cutting heads can be either in the form of a roller or a roller (die cutting).

The more highly demanding mask products are, the more complex the machine’s structure of making masks. Of course, the price of the machine and the mask making line, the investment cost, also increased.

The mask body is taken by the conveyor system to the earloop welding machine. Prepare for welding on ultrasonics non woven welding machines. Depending on the speed and required output, the mask body can be moved directly to a welding head, border or automatically divided into 2, 3 conveyors to 4, 6 ultrasonic welding heads (2 heads or 3 heads each side) to ensure speed.

The earloop are independently fed, cut and welded on both sides. With a border-type mask, the double-sided border of the mask is folded, threaded and welded with the ultrasonic welding mask to help welding quickly, accurately and ensure the quality of the strap firmly.

Complete masks at the end of the line are arranged in stacks, sterilized. Then the workers bagged and boxed, boxed complete.

Why should we choose CNC-VINA as a supplier of machines and a medical mask production line?

With an automatic line, temporarily ignoring price considerations, two factors you need to consider are the ability to operate stably and after-sales service. CNC-VINA is a unit of design, manufacturing machines and automatic lines with more than 12 years of experience, we can afford to meet both of your requirements.

The equipment of the medical mask making line is designed and selected by us according to the criteria to bring the required operating efficiency with the highest stability. Because the line is a line of machines and equipment bound together in series, just one device is not guaranteed, the line may have to stop working temporarily. That means immediate productivity reduction. 

may lam khau trang mask production line CNC-VINA

In the process of operating the medical mask making machine line, it is inevitable problems and malfunctions. The ability to support online, offline and maintenance, maintenance and after-sales service is always considered and prioritized when choosing a supplier. Our experienced technical team is always ready to support you 24/7 to minimize line downtime due to operational problems.
Currently, many customers in Hanoi and other provinces in the country have been investing in the production line of medical masks. Customers choose production lines made in Vietnam, China or Korea with different prices and quality. With reputable domestic line suppliers, the installation, calibration, machine setup, commissioning and maintenance will have more advantages.

The mask making line made in Vietnam is a safer option at this time. CNC-VINA supplies a mask line made in Vietnam, a Vietnamese mask machine manufactured with high productivity and stability.

We have 12 years of experience in the field of machines and automation lines. Always provide customers with the most optimal and productive mask making machine and production line. Besides, the ability to support customers quickly and effectively.

With foreign suppliers, due to the epidemic situation, they mostly only sell lines, equipment and leave to the users. Many investors only care about cheap prices but not after sales service. One of the important factors that decides the production process is long and stable.

CNC-VINA provides customers with machine installation service and mask making line. The scope of work with the available machine line of the customers we undertake includes:
Layout line, move the machine into position

– Installation of machine assemblies of each stage

– Mechanical connection of machines, functional clusters

– Connecting the power supply system, control electricity, compressed air

– Setup, program operating parameters of the line

– Fixed machine and line

– Adjust and optimize CT, machine structure as required

– Operating manual

– Maintenance and upgrade the line making masks are operating

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Factory: Lot CN6, Center for Industrial Cluster Development, Minh Khai Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Phone: +84.915 74 4664 / +84.968 990 903


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