pheu rung cap phoi tu dong bowl feeder

Vibrating bowl feeder

Application of vibrating bowl feeder in assembly line.

CNC-VINA provides vibrating bowl feeder for feeding – Automatic work piece, parts feeding system for production line by vibrating bowl, design and manufacture according to customer requirements.

Vibration bowl is used for small part applications, products for automatic assembly, inspection and packaging machines in the electric and electronic assembly industry, food and medical products. It functions to sort products, count and check quickly and accurately.

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Vibration bowl, bowl feeder is one of loading unloading system solution which are important component in automatic work-piece system of manufacturing, assembly and inspection lines. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of providing automation chain solutions, CNC-VINA provides vibrating hopper products, vibrating chutes at the request of every customer. Vibration feeder products are flexibly designed according to each type of product and the requirements for classification, inspection and measurement should always be optimized in terms of structure and operation.

He thong cap phoi tu dong voi pheu rung-vibrating bowl feeder

Automated product supply system with vibrating bowl and vibrating bar helps automation production and assembly process

The feed hopper is designed and manufactured with the following advantages:

Easy to assemble and operate, simple to use.

Low noise, low vibration, compact size, high stability.

Billet vibrator, product grade can be used in almost all industries: mechanical industry, electronics, food and medical for many different materials.

CNC-VINA supplies material equipment (Japan, Taiwan) and automation solution in embryo level for assembly, QC according to the requirements of all customers. Interested customers please contact hotline: 0915744664 for advice and support.

Principle of vibrating bowl feeder, automatic vibrating feeder

Vibratory bowl feeder – Feeders with hoppers and vibrators are popular devices used to provide individual parts and products for assembly on industrial production lines. They are used to arrange parts (usually very small and large numbers) that are being arranged randomly. Addressing the output requirement is every detail, the product must be put into each machine one by one. Products after being removed from vibrating bowl must be oriented in a specific direction to serve a certain purpose of the next stage.

Vibration feeder is based on the mechanical principle of parts, products to be classified. So when they are gently shaken down to a shape-shaped conveyor belt, they will gradually shake and be aligned. Therefore, parts leave the conveyor belt one by one, all in the same direction. This conveyor then leads directly to the assembly or rear-packing machine of the chain.

pheu rung mam rung cap phoi Bowl vibrating feeder

Product orientation in vibrating funnels is based on the shape and mechanical properties of objects and parts. Especially the position of the geometric center compared to its focus.

Therefore, it works well for products such as bolts, machine screws, with rotational symmetry and clear asymmetry with a heavy head and a small, lightweight head.
The feeding system of vibrating hopper will be difficult or inactive for completely symmetrical shapes or when orientation depends on only one feature (such as color). The ramps in the bowl feeders are always tailored to each specific product. Although this core mechanism is still reused for different products.

The exit direction of the product after leaving the vibrating funnel depends on the shape and volume distribution of the product. In the absence of orientation for the product of the following assembly step, a feeder is usually followed by a twisted conveyor to transfer parts as needed.


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