may rua sieu am rua chi tiet nho xe o to-ultrasonic washing machine

Ultrasonic washing machine

Application of car parts wash ultrasonic cleaner:

Ultrasonic washing machine is specialized industrial washing machine. Applying a quick and effective cleaning application of machines, equipment and devices for production and assembly … helps clean up grease, dirt, chemicals, rust on mechanical parts, auto parts for motorbikes, barrels, metal boxes … quickly.

Ultrasonic cleaner is widely used in almost all fields of industry, food and health. Use safe cleaning technology for users with the highest productivity. 


Ultrasonic washing machine is used not only to clean small parts, automobile and motorbike parts, but also applications in: 

Health: Cleansing stains, rust and chemicals on the surface of medical equipment and devices. 

Food: Clean items, barrels, boxes, food trays, vegetables for plants. 

Industry and mechanics: Remove grease, dirt, rust on machine parts, mechanical products. Especially small products, complicated surface, many ribs, grooves. Improving industrial product hygiene productivity of production lines.   

Technical parameters of small car wash ultrasonic cleaning machine (Model: UWM-V3) – CNC Vina

Total machine size: 6000 (L) x 2800 (W) x 2000 (H) (mm)

Operation height: 950 mm

Machine fabrication materials: SUS201

Number of workers: 02 workers

Source voltage: 3phase / 380VAir pressure: 0.4-0.5 Mpa

Air flow: 30 m3 / minCycle time: 5a / 1 set

Number of models: 05 models

Washing solution: W80 oil 15% + 85% water, 60 ° C

Machine comes with 15 baskets

may rua sieu am rua chi tiet nho xe o to

Structure and washing principle of ultrasonic washing machine:

Ultrasonic washing machine with small car parts including the conveyor system and the product to be washed out. Wash tank with high-pressure nozzles and emitter, ultrasonic amplifiers to wash parts.

Air deflector helps to dry and cool parts. Washing high pressure spray and using ultrasound is the main principle of ultrasonic washing machine made by CNCVina. 

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is simple to understand: Ultrasound is a sound with a frequency higher than the maximum frequency that the human ear can hear. This maximum frequency depends on each person, but usually it is about 20000 Hz. In contrast to ultrasound, sounds with a frequency lower than the threshold heard by the human ear (usually around 20 Hz) is negative. – Additional reference to ultrasound at:

Why do ultrasonic waves have a cleansing effect?

Because of the effect of ultrasonic waves being emitted, the liquid detergent solution is affected and the state changes continuously. At the time of being pressed, it becomes more diluted. Because the liquid contains a detergent that cannot withstand the tensile force, when it is pulled out, it becomes more diluted. These positions generate a lot of small air bubbles. These bubbles in a very short time will immediately break apart. The process of foam breaking produces small but very strong shock waves. Called “vacuum creation phenomenon”.

Due to the very high frequency of ultrasound, the small air bubbles mentioned above appear and disappear very quickly. The shock waves that they produce as invisible “small brooms” are very fast and very strong, sweeping every surface, corner, edge of part. Therefore, even if the parts have more complex surfaces, deep threaded holes, bore holes, hardened ribs … are quickly cleaned.

Outstanding features of ultrasonic washing machine:

The product is cleaned and completely both the corner position, deep hole, thread hole…

Continuous circulation washes so high performance, 58 seconds washing speed / 1 part tray.

Filter pump system: 10mm filter, Oil skimmer. With products, small car parts, grease and oil cleaning to be cleaned, the filter system separates grease and oil in the container to ensure clean water when washing. There is a filter filter warning system to replace the filter.

Using circulating filters should save water.

chi tiet o to nho rua bang may rua sieu am

Some products with complex structures are washed on ultrasonic washing machine designed and manufactured by CNCVina 

Process of operating ultrasonic washing machines:

Parts are placed in the feed tray at the conveyor input and brought into the washing chamber, removed at the conveyor output.

The washing process consists of 4 stages:

Wash coarse: First time using high pressure spray solution, 2nd time using ultrasonic waves.

Wash the crystal: The first time using ultrasound, the second time using high pressure spray washing solution.

Parts after washing are dried and naturally cooled.