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Ultrasonic metal welding machine UTHE STG35

UTHE metal ultrasonic welding machine STG35 (Metal welding STG system, Ultrasonic Metal welding STG = SeTuGo, Kinzoku Setugo in Japanese wording means for Metal Welding, STG = SeTuGo). Together with metal ultrasonic welding machine using SDB2000 servo, this is the product of ultrasonic welding brand Uthe Japan Co., Ltd of Japan. STG35 ultrasonic welding machine uses 40mm diameter double acting pneumatic cylinder drive with display of welding parameters.

The machine is applied with metal welding technology by ultrasonic wave in the field of structural welding, welding connection of transducers, metal terminals and materials or other materials. Delivers high accuracy and efficiency with the fastest welding time.


STG35 Welder

Benefit of STG35 Welder

Operating Frequency:
Drive type:
Pneumatic double acting cylinder 40mm diameter
Maxiumum Force:
745N at 6 bars compressed air
Maximum Stroke:
Compatible Generator
ADG35-900 (35kHz, 900 watts)
Two-hand start with EMERGENCY STOP at the front

Precision, Micrometer style
Mechanical Stop adjustment
1. Allows for easy and precise setting of the maximum travel of the weld head, protecting

the tooling from unnecessary contact.
2. increments.
3. Lockable.
1. Solid base with substantial mass for improved acoustical properties, providing a very
repeatable welding process.
2. Built in leveling capability make setup easy. This also means that nests do not require
their own means of leveling, keeping fixturing costs to a minimum.
3. T-slotted base provides the simplest mounting method available while offering extreme

flexibility in alignment.

Hinh anh may han sieu am kim loai UTHE STG

Pressure Regulator DR

The pressure regulator holds the air pressure on the top side of the piston constant and is set to
a height which depends on the size of the piece and the length of the weld joint as well as on
the material to be welded.
As a point of reference, a regulated pressure of approx. 3 [bar] can be set for a circular piece of
50 mm in diameter which is welded around the edges.

Throttle VD

The throttle has two functions :
• It reduces the speed on the last 30 mm of the
machine stroke.
• It reduces the time power development

Benefit of ADG Generator
when the horn sets up on the plastic piece.

Operating Frequency:
Power supplues:
230 V, 50/60Hz
Operating modes:
Time, Energy, Travel dependant, Continuous,
Contact cut-off
Data Input:
22 keys (Cursor-, function- and direct switch keys as well
as numeric and alphanumeric keys)
For 32 parameter data sets
Maximum Output
900 watts
English, German, French
Adjustable 40-100%, changeable in 1% increments
Communication and Interfaces
RS 232, Digitial I/O
Benefit of ADG Generator

Han sieu am kim loai cho tiep diem dien tu voi may han UTHE STG35

Data string

For aspects of quality control and retrace ability of weld parts, programs are often used which can accept the necessary data
via an interface.
With ADG it is possible to output a data string at the end of the welding cycle via the serial interface (RS232). ‘
The output can be switched off or on. Equally, the interval of the output can be determined.

Structure of the data string
The following parameters are displayed in the order listed, separated by
a semicolon (;). At the end of the data string a <CR> is sent.

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Project name
  4. Database number
  5. Welding mode
  6. Parts counter
  7. Rejected parts counter
  8. Energy [Ws]
  9. Max power [W]
  10. Welding time [ms]
  11. Weld travel diff [mm]
  12. Weld travel [abs]
  13. Frequency [Hz]
  14. Power loss [W]
  15. Error code
  16. <CR>