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Testing jig for product

Application of gas inspection jig

In production, the on-site quality control for each manufacturing stage is extremely important. Accurate, quick and timely inspection helps to detect and eliminate defective products, ensure continuity of production, fabrication and assembly lines. If the inspection process results in incorrect results, it can cause the consumption of heavily damaged and prestigious goods to be greatly affected. Manufacturers with in-place quality control procedures are less likely to face product recall. The costs associated with these recalls may be high.

Application of test jig in sealed test products, CNCVina provides customers with gas tightness test jig for the purpose of controlling the product error of part such as engine, machine parts of cars, motorcycles …


Testing jig-Gas product inspection jig (Product Testing Jig) is a test solution provided by many customers in the automotive and motorbike manufacturing and assembly industry in Vietnam. Dedicated jig products for this test have brought many benefits to customers such as accurate test results, eliminating unnecessary mistakes and increasing test productivity significantly. An effective testing solution to replace traditional test methods.

Technical parameters of gas product testing Jig

Total size: 2500 (L) x 1500 (W) x 1500 (H) (mm)

Operation height: 950 mm

Machine fabrication materials: SUS304 and A6061

Number of workers: 02 workers

Voltage source: 1 phase / 220V

Air pressure: 0.4-1 Mpa

testing jig

Structure and operating principle of gas product testing jig:


Cluster Jig clamp and operation table

Compressed air assemblies.

Cluster of test water tanks

Cluster lifting and rotating lifting 1800 Jig

Observation lamp cluster

Principle of operation of gas tight test jig

Step 1: Put the product into the Jig clamp placed on the operation table

Step 2: Turn on compressed air system from 0.2 Mpa to gradually increase to 1 Mpa

Step 3: Lower the entire jig clamp down to the test water tank

Step 4: Slow down 1800 to check the product. If air bubbles are not visible, the product ‘Reach ‘.

The test operation is similar to other products.

The product is considered NG if there are bubbles. When the product was defective, the worker proceeded to remove the product.

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