day chuyen phan loai dong goi san pham

Sorting line

Sorting line according to barcodes, sizes, volumes, colors and criteria according to customer requirements with high degree of automation and precision.

Sorting line with split, select conveyor, electronic weighing system, camera check and product selection and delivery mechanism for components manufacturing, machine parts, logistic, e-commerce, manufacturing Agricultural products…bring outstanding productivity.

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Product sorting line is an automatic line serving the process of sorting line – packing, processing, importing and exporting goods and parcels. Where the products are classified according to one or several criteria such as size, height, weight, color…The products are classified to help ensure finished criteria, ensure uniformity in appearance. form, weight before packaging or sorting criteria according to certain information and uses of the manufacturer or service. Classified products can be transferred to an automated packaging line or stored / unloaded.

Advantages of automatic product sorting line

If the traditional product sorting method requires a larger working space for a large number of participants, the sorting time is long and error-prone, now, with an automatic product sorting line, The number of employees has decreased significantly (up to 80%) as productivity increases from 3 to 5 times with the rate of errors controlled.

Automatic sorting system has been and is the form that production e-commerce services, forwarders are aiming for in the current digital age.

day chuyen phan loai san pham truyen thong

Product sorting line with sorting machine, product identification sensor, check camera, electronic scale, measuring system, selection mechanism, transport (conveyor, trap, lever, splitter,  angle conveyor, scraper…) herringbone conveyor system, hub and central control system for remote data connection.

The sorting line is used in many industries: agricultural product processing, fruit and vegetable processing, electronic component factories, mechanical engineering, logistics, postal and commercial courier warehouse. electronics in the sorting of packages, postal items…

he thong phan loai tu dong

A one-sided, two-side sorting line for the food, agricultural, electronic components manufacturing and logistics, e-commerce industries today.

may phan loai san pham tu dong

With a number of lines for sorting agricultural products, plastics, granules, fibers, the sorting machine is compactly constructed and performs all product sorting and selection functions before transferring by conveyor belt, hopper container. The main application of this line type is for the food industry.

Popular product sorting lines

Product sorting line by barcode

The barcode-based product sorting line is very popularly used today. This sorting line is used to classify parcels, parcels, finished products that have been packed with bar codes and QR codes.

With information stored on barcodes on the product, the system can easily sort, select, and gather products into the gathering locations (hubs) according to requirements such as:

With electronic products, technology: classified by the same production batch, date of manufacture, model…

For parcels, courier orders: classified by date of receipt, packing method, delivery location, express-standard…

With packaged agricultural products: classified by expiry date, batch number processed, product grade…

bang tai phan loai san pham sorting

Boxes are placed on a sorting conveyor by a worker or collaborative robot arm, palletizing robots from feed conveyors or AGV in smart factories.

The product sorting system can reach a capacity of up to 10,000 products / hour. Productivity is 3 to 5 times higher than the traditional barcode scanning and sorting method by workers.

Product sorting line by weight

Is a product grading system applying a variety of products / types according to the principle of online weight checking, then dividing each weight size according to requirements.

Range of sorting: 10g ~ 5000g

Speed: 110 – 200 products / minute.

Speed: 60m / min

Number of sizes to classify: 12 sizes

Materials: SUS304 stainless steel ensures food hygiene and safety

day chuyen phan loai nong san

Production line for agricultural products: oranges, apples, potatoes, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables

day chuyen phan loai ca chua

Application of product sorting by volume for food, seafood, agricultural products, …

Product sorting line by color

The color product sorter can sort products such as chili, tomato, coffee, plastic, rice, tea bud, and nuts …

Productivity: 0.8-15 tons / hour (depending on model)

Sorting accuracy:> 99%

Apply product sorting by color in agriculture, food, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, electronic components, medical equipment…

Product sorting line by size

An automatic sorting system for commodity products, fruits and vegetables on a size basis including product feeding, sorting, stocking and recalling. The machine sorts products according to the size of automatic control, high precision, stable operation, suitable for many different types of products.

Productivity: 3-5 tons / hour ~ 1000-1100 products / min

Sorting level: 4-10 levels

day chuyen phan loai theo kich thuoc

Lines to sorting eggs and tomatoes by size

Application of product sorting by volume for the food industry, agricultural products, fruit…

In the logistics and e-commerce industries, packages of different weights, colors and sizes are easily sorted by a sorting system with cameras and intelligent sorting algorithms. Cargo is classified on the main conveyor belt according to the herringbone conveyors moving to the gathering locations.

Automatic product sorting helps to reduce manpower and time for boring capital sorting but still ensures high-speed accuracy with outstanding productivity.

With the processing and manufacturing industries of confectionery, food, after-processing products running on conveyors can completely be selected / dropped by the system according to the criteria of shape, color, helping the packaging process. happens seamlessly and product quality is controlled more evenly.

Identification and sorting system is getting smarter with the application of AI to sorting and selecting products according to the desired scenarios. The feed and select conveyor system at speeds up to 150m / min is resistant to wear, high temperature, humidity and special production conditions.

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