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Smart warehouse

What is smart warehouse?

Smart warehouse, also known as smart warehouse, smart warehouse system, automated warehouse. This system uses storage shelves that can be upgraded and renovated more easily. Combined with this is the robot that supplies and picks up goods automatically, AGV self-propelled vehicles, cranes (cranes), conveyor belts to move goods to packaging lines, and software for control and storage. information).

Help liberate almost completely human labor.


The smart warehouse was born to bring great benefits. By with warehouse management operations in manufacturing and assembly plants. The role of warehousing, import and export and management of placement of pallets is very important. The requirements for scientific and quick import and export of spare parts and products are always at the top.

In today’s age of technological development, smart applications to control and help life are becoming more and more popular. The common point of these smart devices and applications are all designed to streamline and simplify our daily lives. Help us complete tasks in the shortest time with the highest productivity possible.

If we apply the “smart” definition to the factory’s warehouse, we can say that the intelligent warehouse is a warehouse designed to operate with maximum efficiency by combining best practices, automated chemical and other technologies to ensure that it can operate at the highest level in the constantly changing user requirements. Smart warehouse is one of the essential products of a modern factory chain.

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Features of smart warehouse:

Save up to 50% space and 70% more efficient than traditional warehouses.

The warehouse system takes full advantage of stacking and storage height while ensuring safety. Contains many times more pallets than traditional warehouses (Vinamilk’s intelligent warehouse has up to 27,000 pallets). Works fully automatically and accurately Each pallet is in a separate box. Each cell has a separate IP address, which enables the system to accurately identify the location (based on the encryption information: quantity, product code, production date). Help storekeeper easily manage in the management software system on the computer. When you want to import or export any pallet, just enter the order according to that IP pallet, the system will automatically retrieve and execute thanks to the automatic conveyor system, rowing robot, crane system …

Minimize labor and risks

With a fully automated warehouse system, after packaging, the product is automatically transferred back to the warehouse by the robot or picked up onto the conveyor to the most appropriate location (based on the filtering of a series of data system according to conditions: empty area, area to group products by size, location to product temporarily, fixed …). This job only needs 1 manager. With the traditional method, it takes several dozen people to classify and transport.

The software system is very flexible, easy to customize to meet the changing needs of customers.

For example, a smart repository will set procedures for a list of nearly endless scenarios with the goal of bringing the right product to the right place in the warehouse at the right time. This may include planning for peak and low production months for certain items (ie increasing the space reserved for products of large volume orders in a short time). . These processes allow an intelligent warehouse to continue to perform effectively in many rapidly changing situations without losing control.
Sturdy warehouse structure, installation, maintenance and change easily and quickly without affecting the operation of the entire system.

In theory, the expansion of smart warehouses is the addition, addition and addition of racking modules, pallets, conveyors, robots … The reality is so simple.

Real-time connection

With the intelligent warehouse management system, all parameters: the number of each product type, any product location, inventory status, inventory status and prediction of production plan scenarios Displayed and updated in real time to help store manager easily and quickly handle.

Basically, a smart warehouse is suitable for every business, you just need to determine the level of intelligence you need to meet current customer needs and plan for the future. All businesses benefit from having a high-performance warehouse, following ways to minimize costs and errors, maximize the satisfaction of organizations and customers. Customers who are interested in and need to build a smart warehouse system please contact CNCVina by hotline: 0915744664 | email: for advice and support.