may rua chi tiet nho - washing machine

Small parts washing machine

Application of small parts washing machines, mechanical parts, mechanical parts.

Small parts washing machines, machinery parts are industrial washing machines that are widely used in assembly line factories. It works to clean mechanical parts after machining, motor, car, engine explosion by using aqueous solution + washing oil to wash small parts before assembly. Small parts are often very large in assembly lines. Therefore it is very important to ensure a sufficient amount of parts for the assembly system. The mechanical and mechanical parts after processing and manufacturing are greasy and rust. The cleaning of small parts and products takes a lot of time and effort and human resources if manual washing is used.


Industrial washing solution on automatic machines CNCVina provides customers with high wash productivity and ensures surface cleaning requirements.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing automatic washing machines for small machinery parts according to customer requirements.

Specifications of small parts washing machine (MODEL: WM-SP1)

 Machine size: 2300 (L) x1465 (W) x2566 (H) mm

Source voltage: 3phase / 380V

Air pressure: 0.4-0.5 Mpa

Heating unit: 3x10kw (heating water 700C)

Air flow: 30 m3 / min

Machine fabrication materials: SUS201

Weight 800kg

Structure and operating principle of small parts washing machine

The main washing machine equipment (small parts washing machine): 

Filter pump system, filter bag (3 bags).

Oil skimmer.Air sprayer, oil vaporizer (Mist Collector)

Reciprocating cylinder system with adjustable stroke.

– Automatic washing machine using water solution

+ washing oil to wash small parts before assembly

– Filter pump system, filter bag (3 bags), oil skimmer help circulate the wash solution with maximum cleaning solution. It also has automatic filter switch warning system to increase reliability when operating the machine.

– Air spray rigs to help clean up the parts after being cleaned automatically at the machine.Oil collector (Mist Collector) ensures health for workers and surrounding environment

– Speed ​​piston cylinder system and shifting stroke are changed to suit the requirements of each type of cleaning with different diameters.

– The machine has two modes of automatic and manual operation, buttons displayed in Vietnamese.

– Electrical equipment working in oil environment. The system of switches and indicator lights helps the operator to quickly identify the operation of the machine.

Chi tiet may moc nho (banh rang) duoc rua tren may rua chi tiet của CNCVina

Operate a small parts washing machine designed and manufactured by CNCVina

The machine has two modes of automatic and manual operation, buttons displayed in Vietnamese.

The product is hand-inserted into the washing chamber.

At the washing chamber, the product is cleaned by hot water spraying with high pressure.

After washing with hot water, the product will be dried and taken out.