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Shaft inserting machine

CNC-VINA provides customers with shaft inserting machines used in the mechanical assembly of axes from printers, copiers, and scanners.

The rubber shaft inserting machine with high automation, fast productivity and the ability to accurately assemble rubber shells on aluminum shaft, plastic shaft has been continuously improved by us to bring the best products. per customer.

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Shaft inserting machines are automatic machines for the mechanical industry, supporting industries for the production and assembly of printers, copiers, and scanners. The rubber shaft threading machine is responsible for threading the shaft into the rubber tube to create a complete magnetic shaft before assembling on other mechanisms of the machine.

may luon truc cao su shaft inserting CNC-VINA

The semi-automatic and automatic rubber roller inserting machine is one of the first automatic machine products CNC-VINA offers to FDI customers. Since more than 10 years ago, we were the first automation company to design and manufacture the shaft inserting machine. The concept of the product “inserting machine” has since then been widely used in the Vietnamese automation industry to refer to the auxiliary machine that performs the following tasks:

The rubber hose is fed into position (commonly manual feed; or cut from the pipe extruder output. It is also possible to feed the winch roller with the automatic cutting gauge when the shaft has a long rubber tube; or fully automatic with hopper feed vibrating shaft and short rubber tube feed).

The tube is inflated to provide a space for the shaft to be pneumatically driven

Steel, aluminum or plastic shaft is picked up by the cylinder and inserted into the rubber tube to create a complete assembly product.

The product is taken out or pushed out by a worker or robot.

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Types of CNC-VINA shaft inserting machines

Depending on the level of automation, the shape and length of the shaft and the rubber hose, CNC-VINA engineers will design the most optimal shaft inserting machine to suit the customer’s requirements.

Semi-automatic rubber shaft inserting machine:

With the semi-automatic shaft threading machine, the productivity will be low (10-15 pcs / min) because the rubber tube and shaft feeding step is done entirely by human.

Rubber pipes have been pre-cut, arranged in plastic trays and baskets. The shaft is stacked in the input hopper.

The operator picks up the tube and places it on the rotating drum. The rotating drum rotates to the position of the threaded cylinder waiting to insert the shaft (feed from the input hopper) while the worker continues to put the rubber tube in the next waiting position on the rotating drum.

The existing semi-automatic shaft feeder and threading machine is less popular due to its low productivity and low automation.

Rubber tube cutting and automatic shaft inserting machine

This is the type of threading machine widely used for its stable operation and high productivity.

Usually our shafts are laid out in series right after the output of the customer’s pipe extruder. The rubber hose from the extruder is fed to the machine’s cutting mechanism. Measuring, cutting and turning the tube to the threading position are performed simultaneously at both positions.

Rubber tube lengths are measured and cut precisely to ensure assembly capabilities. Aluminum and plastic shafts can be fed by hand or with automatic feed feed system with hopper handle.

The inserting process ends, the product is sent to the box / tray by a pusher or a picker robot.

The winding rubber tube that has not been cut to the length of the shaft can also be placed on a roller feeder into the cutting measuring system under the control of our pre-programmed PLC system.

However, the rubber tube cut from the roll is easy to bend, so the ratio of NG product will be higher than normal. This embryo dimension is not recommended.

The construction of the automatic treadmill may vary depending on the product requirements but generally includes the following components:

–  Machine body

– Electrical cabinets, control equipment and HMI screens

– Cluster rubber input / shaft input

– Cluster transfer products and rubber pipes

– Conveying shaft

– Cluster Output product OK / NG

– Cluster transfer rated products

– Product palletizing system and crate feed system

Automatically shaft inserting machines with vibrating hopper

With tubes and shafts of small size or suitable shape for using the bowl feeder vibrating (bowl feed tray). Fully automated levels will help upgrade upgrades significantly. However, automatic upgrading and upgrading of rubber hoses with a vibrating funnel should be considered according to the size and profile of the product.

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With 13 years of experience in the field of automation, CNC-VINA has been and is supplying shafts assembly machines, integrated machining machines, riveting machines, industrial washing machine and assembly lines, inspecting line in service of mechanics, electronics, automobile and motorcycle industries.

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