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Servo press machine

Servo press machine is a type of automatic press machine, designed and manufactured by CNCVina.

Servo press machine used in the motor vehicle assembly industry, electronic assembly offers high productivity and accuracy, stable operation. It is possible to change the press function by each product by changing the Jig and control program flexibly and quickly.

Today, the requirements of customers with the design of automatic machines are more rigorous. In addition to increasing productivity and greater flexibility, reducing investment costs must also be achieved at the same time. Considering separately with presses, types of presses used for normal engines and hydraulic mechanical systems, maintenance, changing parameters will be more difficult.

By relying on the press servo motor that can be controlled instead of conventional pressing processes and can benefit from increased productivity and product quality with high flexibility.


Operation principle of servo press machine

In a traditional mechanical press machine, the energy must be transmitted from the flywheel through the clutch, down the connecting bars, and driving the ram to create the maximum payload at some points on the lower dead point. The journey of a mechanical press cannot be too slow, because the minimum speed of the flywheel will not be able to provide enough energy to create the necessary force. However, a press with a servo motor can provide maximum torque at any speed.

In recent years, servo presses machine has been used in many different processing and manufacturing environments. What is the design of the servo press can be flexibly adjusted to overcome the lack of inherent inefficiencies when using flywheel clutch press.

Operating manual:

Before operating:

  • Connecting power to the machine (must be grounded)
  • Turn on total cooling.
  • Turn on the circuit protection (if any)

Initialize the system:

  • Turn on the total power, power lamp light.
  • Press the Ready button, confirm the Ready light.
  • Press the RESET / RETURN button to reset the system error, return the device to its original state.

The Home light is lit continue, the device is in the original position.

Condition for the machine to be in the original state.

Works in manual mode.

  • Switch the AU / MA position selection button to manual control mode
  • Select the object controlled by Thumb SW
  • Press the Forward / Back button to control the device.

Works in auto mode.

  • Check the machine’s ready-to-operate conditions
  • Switch the selection button to the Auto position so that the machine runs in auto mode.
  • Select the model to run.
  • Press the Start button and the machine will run automatically.

Bright blue tower lights during automatic running. When running automatically if you put your hand inside the running area, the Cyl will stop automatically. When pulling out or removing objects, the machine continues.
Steps to change model:

  • Switch the machine to Manual mode Change the jig body.
  • Run in Manual mode Replace the body of the Jig:
  • For the cylinder to push the body of the
  • Jig to be replaced, take the other Jig model body into it.

Running Manual test model: After changing all models and aligning the press base. For the machine to run Manual mode, test the positions changed for the last time, before the machine runs Auto mode.

Note when operating and common errors


When running automatically, if the cover door is running, the machine will stop automatically. When closing the door, switch the operating mode to manual mode. Press the ‘Reset / Return button to reset all system errors and return the device to HOME status. Then the machine will work normally.

When the machine is running if the EMG button is pressed, the machine will stop immediately at the press position. To operate the machine again:

  • Release the EMG button
  • Switch operation mode to manual mode
  • Press the ‘Ready’ button and the light is on
  • Press the ‘Reset / Return button to reset all system errors and return the device to HOME status

Machine works normally.

Common errors.

While running, the machine stopped, the red tower lights flashed, the siren sounded. Operator proceeds:

  • Check the door, check the clamp cylinder to see if there is anything that does not open the clamp or open, but LS does not come.
  • Adjust: switch to MANUAL mode, press the ‘RESET ‘button to stop the error
  • Press the ‘RETURN’ button to machine to root
  • Switch to AUTO mode and run again.

Advantages of servo press designed and manufactured by CNCVina:

+ Compact design: Smaller machine size hydraulic press, suitable for space-saving design of presses.

+ Environmentally friendly: Saving energy (about 20-30% compared to hydraulic presses) and low noise.

+ Improve productivity: Control load, position, speed, time with high accuracy and optimize the best cycle time thereby improving productivity, increasing profits.

+ 0.01mm oscillation accuracy (0.0004 inches) is good for precise assembly work.

+ Quick and easy to install and operate.