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Semi-automatic washing machine - Rotary washing machine 1

Semi-automatic washing machines are industrial washing machines that have been supplied to many FDI customers by individual customers and individuals in the field of manufacturing, assembling and repairing automobiles and motorcycles.

The washing machine uses diesel or coolant cleaning solutions, washing machine parts such as bearings, gears, crankshaft, … parts and accessories quickly and cleanly.
Along with engine washing products, car wash rinsers, plastic tank washers and industrial ultrasonic washers. CNCVina provides customers with customized washing machine products with good quality and competitive prices, helping customers reduce investment costs and improve productivity and competitiveness.

With its compact size, rotary semi-automatic washing machine is suitable for repair workshops, car garages and maintenance rooms in the factory.


Advantages of semi-automatic washing machine – rotary washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are industrial washers that help clean and quickly wash with diesel or coolant cleaning solutions.

Machines for washing machine parts such as bearings, gears, crankshaft, … spare parts for cars and motorcycles.The size of a semi-automatic rotary washing machine is very small.

Washer products suitable for repair workshops, automotive garages, can be resized according to customer requirements.

With spraying system (including many nozzles to create pressure) to wash away the dirty mud, it can be cleaned specifically with each hand washing head.

With filter system (3 filters) to help circulate oil, save maximum oil

The blowdown valve is automatically controlled to discharge oil from the wash tank to the container quickly and conveniently when operating

With simple control, convenient to control oil washing system and oil circulation to minimize labor

The control part uses 24VDC voltage to help the operator safety

Washing machine size:

H: 1640mm

H1: 1032mm

L: 840mm

W: 580mm

Semi-automatic washing machine -CNCVINA

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