May tan chot rivet tu dong

Riveting machine

Automatic riveting machine – rivet machine – rivet press machine with automatic riveting and product feeding system, multi-station table indexer and product transfer / receive assembly for easy riveting coordination.
The riveting machine is designed and manufactured by CNC-VINA according to Swiss technology. The rivet head for fast, precise and aesthetic joints. Intelligent controller, many features help improve productivity and product quality.
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Automatic Riveting machine is a specialized processing machine used in auxiliary industries, manufacturing mechanical equipment, auto parts, motorcycles, electrical-electronic components, medical equipment. and consumer goods. The automatic Rivet machine is used for the cold fabrication of rivet joints – the non-detachable joint which is common in mechanics.

Highlights of the CNC-VINA automatic Riveting machine

Our automatic latch machines use the Riveting head with the main methods of Riveting (*): orbital riveting – Orbital riveting, radial riveting – Radial (Spiral form) riveting (spiral orbital) and Riveting Roller form riveting with Swiss dowel technology. The locking method helps to ensure the technical requirements of the joint, reducing fabrication time.

The automatic Riveting machine is designed and manufactured by CNC-VINA according to the customer’s product requirements with most different types of dowels of different shapes, sizes and materials popular today.

For Riveting requirements for simple products, the volume requirements are not high. We provide our customers with rivet machines with integrated single head modular Riveting (Riveting machine) with Riveting hammer head, mortar, lighting system, on-machine control screen. Light weight and design make it easy to move and install in the production line. Riveting productivity is easily enhanced with optional automatic riveting and product feed system.


With complex, high-volume product requirements, the automatic Rivet machine is designed with automatic locking and product feeding systems.

The machine integrates the feeding pin, rivet system with the feeder vibrating hopper (bowl feeder), the multi-station turntable (transfer) to transfer the product to the pin Riveting positions on the jig, optimal clamp jig. With products that need to be bolted in many positions, the processing time of riveted joints is minimized thanks to the automatic locking and product feeding system.

Optional design with built-in Poka-yoke Sensor.

The specifications can be tailored to suit individual products and to specific customer requirements.

may cap va tan chot tu dong -may chuyen dung

The automatic bolting and feeding machine manufactured by CNC-VINA has 5 main components:

  1. PLC control system

+63 riveting programs can be addressed and saved

+ 6 different control parameters / 45 riveting modes

Integrated logging function, all data is recorded

Ethernet and USB interface

+ Display HMI, LED interface in English and Vietnamese with intelligent error detection and warning.5.7 ”Touch Screen LED

  1. The table indexer multiple positions (depending on the number of handles to be Riveting).
  2. The automatic bolt Riveting head according to the customer’s product with a sturdy machine base
  3. Cluster transfer: Includes clusters for pin level, cluster for product input and product release cluster. The studs are fed automatically by an automatic feed system with a Bowl vibrating feeder and a linear vibrating feeder.
  4. The product clamping system: the riveting head and the pestle, the fixtures, the product jig is designed to easily replace for many different product models.

Application of CNC-VINA riveting machines in industries

CNC-VINA provides customers with automatic rive bolting and riveting machines for almost all manufacturing fields in important industries such as mechanics, automobile, and electronics. Custom-made automatic riveting machines for large batch and batch processing products. Depending on the material, fixture and quality requirements, the specified process parameters may vary.

Riveting machine for electrical – electronic equipment

With riveting technology from Switzerland, CNC-VINA riveting machines offer customers the ability to join different materials for electrical, electronic equipment such as ceramic or plastic.

may tan chot tu dong nganh dien dien tu

Circuit breaker riveting machine

Electrical plug riveting machine

Ceramic thermostat for electrical devices riveting machine

Conductor plate riveting machine

Riveting machine for automotive and motorcycle spare parts

CNC-VINA offers a wide range of high quality solutions for the automotive and motorcycle industries. The technology of Swiss studs is used for various automotive applications.

may tan chot tu dong nganh o to xe may

Drive Coupling riveting machine

Steering column riveting machine

Steering fork riveting machine

Ball bearing riveting machine

may tan chot tu dong phu tung o to xe may

Brake pad piston riveting machine

Hand brake riveting machine

Air bag igniter riveting machine

Seat Belt Buckle riveting machine 

may tan chot tu dong linh kien o to xe may

Gasoline filter riveting machine

Hinge for luggage space riveting machine

Shock mount riveting machine

Windshield wipe rive machine 

may tan chot tu dong chi tiet lap rap o to xe may

Door lock riveting machine

Striker riveting machine

Seat adjuster rive machine

Door holder riveting machine

Automatic riveting machine for hardware industry

may tan chot tu dong phu kien noi that

Hinges riveting machine

Cabinet hardware rive machine

Window hardware riveting machine

Portable furniture riveting machine

Automatic riveting machine for fine mechanics and watches

Riveting machines manufactured by CNC-VINA are designed to meet requirements for the precision mechanical industry, such as studs for wristwatch accessories. For this industry, the machine with the lowest pressure and very low force achieves high quality, precise connection.

may tan chot tu dong chi tiet co khi

Watch wheel riveting machine

Manometer / Gauge riveting machine

Mechanic alarm clock riveting machine

Precision hardware riveting machine

Automatic rive machine for medical device industry

For surgical equipment, ultrasonic welding is often chosen as the coupling method – not without any problems, as the welding process can deform the material. Therefore, riveting technology is increasingly widely used in the medical device industry, as it is the lightest and most reliable procedure. Depending on the material, fixture and quality requirements, the specified process parameters may vary.

may tan dinh tu dong thiet bi y te

Biopsy forceps riveting machine

Endoscope riveting machine

Clavicle joint riveting machine

Dissection gripper riveting machine

Automatic riveting machine for consumable goods & leisure

may dap dinh tan thiet bi gia dung

Safety hook riveting machine

Snap link riveting machine

Ski binding riveting machine

Bicycle lock riveting machine

Automatic riveting machine  for home & gardening

may-tan-rive do gia dung

Peeler riveting machine

Door handle riveting machine

Garden shower head riveting machine

Washing machine riveting machine …

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