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RINCO plastic ultrasonic welding machines-Electrical motion series

RINCO Plastic ultrasonic welding machine ELECTRICAL MOTION SERIES

The Electrical Motion is ideal for welding, cutting and punching thermoplastics, non-wovens and textiles. 

Thanks to the electric drive, the control can be made very precisely and thus best welding results can be achieved. In addition to the 8 welding modes, a trigger for triggering the ultrasound can be set.


RINCO electrical Motion plastic ultrasonic welding machine is ideal for welding, cutting and punching thermoplastic, non-woven and woven applications.

Thanks to the power source, the control can be done very accurately and thus can achieve the best welding results. In addition to 8 welding modes, ultrasonic activation can be set.

may han sieu am RINCO-CNCVina



Economical and very precise thanks to electric drive


Force and amplitude can be calibrated

12“ Touch Farbdisplay

via which the machine is operated and parameters are entered. Swiveling and ergonomic . It also displays a graph or table of recent welds

Cleanroom suitability

The Electrical Motion 20 is certified according to ISO 14644-1 ISO Class 6

Freely selectable starting position

The position of the feed can be freely selected, so the cycle time is shortened.

Stroke movement freely programmable

Optimize your welding process by adjusting the stroke of the application accordingly. 

Freely programmable are:

  • Absinkgeschwindgkeit
  • touchdown
  • Welding process (up to 10 steps)
  • braking point
  • power Profile
  • velocity profile

Performance Level PL e

Maximum safety for the operator and maintenance personnel.


All machines in the Electrical Motion series are CE compliant and thus comply with the high European standards.

Excellent welding results

Thanks to the precisely adjustable parameters of welding force, speed and amplitude, excellent welding results can be achieved.

High quality assurance

Various limit values ​​can be set which cause a warning or stop the machine.

Make process flow safer

All ultrasonic welding machines of the standard series include a piece counter and a reject counter. They can also be set as a limit.

Highest reproducibility

with the possibility to save up to 32 parameter data sets and to display the last 25 welding results.

Traceability and process safety

All events and changes to the parameters are automatically logged in the Audit Trail . Process security and traceability are thus ensured. The audit trail can not be deleted.

Adjustable amplitude

In steps of 1, the amplitude can be varied between 15 and 100% in order to achieve the best possible welding result.

8 welding modes selectable

Thanks to the many welding modes, the right setting for perfect welding can be found for every application. The following welding modes can be selected in the Electrical Motion series:

time mode

  • power mode
  • Welding time AND / OR welding energy
  • Path mode (absolute and differential)
  • Kontaktabschaltung
  • Schmelzgeschwindgkeit

Melting rate

This mode precisely controls the speed of the melting process

3 years warranty

except on converters, boosters and tools

Status display

The status light on the feed changes from green to red in the event of an error message

Smelting process

The melting process can be subdivided into 10 steps , which makes it very precisely controllable and leads to an optimal welding result

Force and speed profile

To optimize the welding process, a linear force build-up can be programmed


In order to prevent a possible snagging of light workpieces on the sonotrode, an after-pulse can be set.

Trigger (ultrasonic release torque)

The welding can be triggered by a trigger. As a trigger can force – time – or waypointand an external signal be set.

Data export

Via RS232, a data string can be exported to log welding data

User Administration

Multi-level user administration

Remote Access Service

can be set up for remote maintenance . For efficient and fast troubleshooting through our RINCO after-sales service

Tool change – fast and easy

Thanks to the quick-change system, tools can be replaced within a few minutes . The exchangeable carriers are indexable.

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Operating frequency

20 kHz

Maximum power

3000 N


Electric, 230 VAC

Maximum stroke

100 mm


135 kg without generator

Height adjustment

10 – 290 mm

Compatible generators