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RINCO plastic ultrasonic welding machines-Easy series

The proportionally pneumatically driven Easy Series ultrasonic welders are suitable for welding, cutting and punching thermoplastics, non-wovens and textiles. 
Even with a small investment volume, clean and reproducible welding results can be achieved with these machines.

RINCO Easy series ultrasonic plastic welding machine is applied in many fields such as welding of electronic devices, welding of industrial and household plastic products, plastic welding of medical equipment, textile products … Super welding products RINCO negative brand belongs to CREST Group distributed by CNCVina in Vietnam and integrated in automatic machines according to customer requirements. Interested customers please contact Hotline: 0915744664 | Email: for advice and support.



Easy and fast setup

The ultrasonic welding machines of the Easy series are set up and ready for use in no time at all

Integration options

Designed for installation in automation lines

High process reliability

Various limit values ​​can be set which cause a warning or stop the machine.

8 welding modes selectable

Thanks to the welding modes, the right setting for perfect welding can be found for every application. The following welding modes can be used with the Easy series:

  • time mode
  • power mode
  • Welding time AND / OR welding energy
  • Contact welding
  • continuous mode

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Trigger (ultrasonic release torque)

The welding can be triggered by a trigger. As a trigger can time – or waypoint, a pre-trigger and an external signal be set.

Make process flow safer

All Easy Series ultrasonic welding machines include a piece counter and a rejectcounter.

User administration

Multi-level user administration.

Best safety devices

The two-hand release is equipped with an EMERGENCY-STOP button, and all RINCO ultrasonic welding machines are CE-compliant.


In order to prevent a possible snagging of light workpieces on the sonotrode, an after-pulse can be set.

More safety

EMERGENCY STOP button and two-hand release.

STATUS LED – Optimize workflow

Status LEDs on the generator show the operator if the generator is ready, if the ultrasound is activated, or if an error has occurred.

Tool change – quick and easy

Thanks to the quick-change system, tools can be replaced within a few minutes.


RINCO products work very reliably and have a long service life.

to save time

Our products are virtually maintenance free.

Many integration options

For example in RINCO soundproof booths, RINCO workstations, special machines and automation lines.


Thanks to the modular design of our machines, a manual workstation can be upgraded to an automation line or integrated into a special machine at any time.


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