May rua chi tiet dang vanh-Rim type industrial washing machine

Rim type industrial washing machine

Application of the rim type washing machine:

Rim type washing machine is a specialized industrial washing machine. Commonly known by the name of each product in the form of rims: automatic rim washing machine, motorcycle rim washing machine, steering wheel washer … The machine is designed specifically to clean the details in industrial production series of purses. Detailed examples in transformers, car steering wheel … The details of the rim are dusty, grease and rust with difficult cleaning positions.


With automatic washing machine designed and manufactured by CNC. Washing will take place quickly, efficiently and completely automatically with many times higher productivity.

Specifications of the rims detail washing machine

Source voltage: 3phase / 380V

Air pressure: 0.4-0.5 Mpa

Air flow: 30 m3 / min

SUS201 washing chamber materials;

Frame material: SS400

The structure of automatic washing machine for rims

The machine is designed with functional clusters: 

- Washing and drying system. 

- Cluster adjust spray position according to product size. 

- The Mist collector absorbs oil to ensure that the water is always circulated.

may rua chi tiet dang vanh tu dong -CNCVina
Images of automatic rim washer are designed and manufactured by CNC for ABB customers

Highlights of rims detail washing machine:

The machine has 2 modes of automatic and manual operation. Helping workers operate in a simple and quick way to wash details such as motorcycle rims, automobile steering wheel, and rim detail in transformers.

With the cylinder system, the clamping arm is fitted with a nozzles, rollers, parts that are rotated and dried in a much shorter time than manual washing methods. Cycle time of about 70s (can be adjusted this time interval) helps the washing capacity of the line be increased many times.

The position of the nozzle head can be adjusted to suit each model of the rim. Help with more flexible washing, diverse features save initial investment costs.

The machine uses a wash solution that is purely water. Economical and environmentally friendly as well as operators.

Mist collector absorbs oil vapor to help protect workers' health and surroundings.

Operate the rim washer

The washing machine designed and fabricated by the belt-shaped parts of CNC has a clear and easy operation process. However, always follow the procedure and operating instructions with the spacer to ensure the machine operates safely and effectively. During operation, always check the mechanical system, pumping system and supply electricity, water and compressed air. Perform routine maintenance and maintenance with attached devices and the whole machine.