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Rim balls automatic press machine

Application of balls press into the vehicle rim designed and manufactured by CNCVina

Balls presses on the rim are specialized hydraulic presses. Machines are quite popular applications in the manufacturing and assembly of cars and motorcycles. The machine is designed to squeeze bearings into the motorcycle rim completely automatically. And applications of press assembly in assembly workshops. Ensuring accuracy in assembly and high productivity. Press parts are bearings and motorcycle rims and cars. The machine solves the problem of ensuring the productivity of the assembly line optimally.

Automatic and safe operation cycle. Simple operation for operators.

Building and transferring full operation and maintenance procedures. Machine warranty 12 months after acceptance.


Technical parameters of ball press machine in the rim:

Machine size: 1200 (L) x 1090 (W) x 1470 (H) (mm)

Weight: 520 Kg

Engine capacity: 5KW

Voltage: AC 380V, 3 phase (50 / 60Hz)

Structure hydraulic press bearings into the rim

Machine has a simple structure, including 5 main clusters:

Hydraulic assemblies include pump systems, oil tanks, piping systems, valves and cylinders.

The base of the machine base has a solid structure to help the machine operate stably.

Cluster of vehicle rim and bearing on the motorbike.

Control system consists of control cabinet and push button operated by two hands.

Outstanding features:

All CNCVina automatic and specialized products, automatic press machine are designed with 3D design, concept motion simulation and optimization. Help customers easily visualize and comment with us before being fabricated on CNC machines and assembled in clean rooms, ensuring high accuracy, stable and efficient operation.

– Solid machine structure. The machine works stably and safely with safety sensor system for pressing head and cylinder, push button operates with 2 hands.

– Flexible use with automatic control modes, manual.

– Sensor against backward mounting of products. Minimize errors in assembly.

– High productivity with cycle time only takes 5 seconds for each assembly.

May ep thuy luc ep o bi vanh xe may piaggio

The Piaggio motorcycle rim is pressed with ball bearings on CNCVina hydraulic presses

Operating and maintaining hydraulic presses, pressing bearings into motorcycle rims

Products of the rim and bearing bearings are placed on the combination tray using hydraulic cylinders and position confirmation sensors while keeping pressing parts.

The vehicle rim is placed by the operator on a dedicated jig on the table.

Bearings are put on the cylinder head and sucked with a magnet.

After installation, the operator presses the button to run the machine (with 2 hands).

After pressing, the machine returns to the original. The worker pressed the end button and took out the product. Then insert the next product into the jig and press the button for the machine to press. Cycle time to end a pressing cycle only for 5 seconds.

With each dedicated machine and automatically fabricated for customers. CNCVina always builds full operation and safety procedures in machine operation. The machine operator must always follow the operating steps as in the documentation we provide.

– Pressed load is adjusted in accordance with the standard of each pressing stage by manual adjustment valve.

– Pressed stroke is adjusted by proximity sensor system.

– Compression time is adjusted by external timer.

So always check the above clusters and hydraulic assemblies, power sources to ensure the machine operates safely and stably. Clean the machine after every shift and lubricate periodic mechanical assemblies.