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Quality inspection line for motorbike

Application of quality inspection line for motorbike

Motorbike quality inspection line or motorbike inspection station has the function: 

– Quality control of the newspaper system: Speedometer, brake, turn signal, lights, horn … motorbike.

– Check the operation status of the electrical system, emission concentration … of the motorbike after the assembly is completed. The inspection system helps to ensure the output quality of important parameters of the motorcycle assembly line. Control errors, detect NG products quickly and accurately.


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Technical characteristics of motorbike quality inspection line:

– Test stages on motorbike quality inspection line. Speed ​​test: Use the Roller to make the front wheel spin while the vehicle is moving on the assembly line, the high-speed sensor measures the speed of rotation. Values ​​are displayed on the screen to compare actual values ​​on the speedometer through different speed solutions.

Check the operation status of the electrical system: Data on the ECU (Motorcycle Black Box) will be transmitted to the computer, data on charging current, engine voltage, engine speed, gas temperature of the motor mechanical, electronic fuel injection time will be checked and compared with manufacturer standards.

Checking emission concentration: CO2 concentration in vehicle exhaust according to different speeds is analyzed and compared with Vietnam Standards for Quality Measurement.- The test results are saved and automatically printed out the results report according to the technical evaluation dossier set.

Outstanding features:

– The system is connected data by visual display software, industrial computer use should operate reliably and flexibly.

– Check when the motorbike is still running on the line, so the speed of inspection is fast.