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Programmable sewing machine

Application of automatic programmable sewing machines in the garment industry

 The growth of Vietnam’s export industry is closely linked to free trade agreements, especially the market share of the textile and garment industry has grown strongly in the international market.

Therefore, focusing on investing in the completion of automatic sewing lines contributes to increasing output and product quality is an urgent requirement for Vietnamese enterprises.

The automatic electronic programmable sewing machine designed and built by CNCVina has become an indispensable device in the garment line, helping to reduce labor capacity, increase productivity and improve the efficiency of the industry.


Programmable sewing machine are no stranger to garment industry customers who always aim to automate production. CNCVina is a manufacturer with many years of experience in manufacturing automatic sewing machines programmed according to the requirements of different types of products, according to each customer’s requirements.

Structure of automatic programmable sewing machine

+ Machine frame.

+ Sewing machine cluster.

+ Cluster of Jig.

+ Cloth lifting assembly.

+ Control unit.

Specifications and instructions for using Programmable sewing machine

Reference specifications

+ Machine size: 1600 (L) x 1150 (W) x 1550 (H)

+ Control voltage: 24V

+ Gas source: 0.4-06 Mpa

+ Operation height: 850 mm

+ Model: 02 types (Sewing 2 lines and sewing 3 lines)

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Instructions for using programmable sewing machine

Step 1: Select the type of sewing model on the HMI control screen

Step 2: Worker supplies sewing product to Jig position

Step 3: Press START the sewing machine will automatically run.

Step 4: Workers take the product out and do the same with other products

2-line sewing program (D11D-805A-770Dom-770EU)

+ Unscrew 1 PC2 plate onto PC1 plate before sewing size 170 mm

+ Sewing PC2 sheet size 85 mm

3-line sewing program

+ Remove 2 PC2 and PC3 plates on the PC1 plate before the 170 mm sewing size

+ Sewing PC2 sheet size 85 mm

+ Sewing PC3 plate size 160mm

+ Automatic sewing machine for counting products (15-20 pcs instead of bobbin)

Products with sewing seams sewn on the Programmable sewing machine

The pre-programmed automatic programmable sewing machine is designed and fabricated by CNCVina programer, along with the XY automatic sewing machine, winding machine …is one of the important specialized automatic machines in the sewing industry.

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The product has received much attention and good feedback from customers.

Automated machines contribute to improving automation, reducing labor, increasing productivity. Help Vietnamese garment enterprises reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of the world garment market. Interested customers please contact Hotline: 0915744664 | Email: for advice and support.