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product folding automatic machine

Application of automatic product folding machine 

Modern industrial production is on the rise. Automation and modernization of production lines are highly focused by manufacturing plants. Therefore, automatic machines dedicated to mass production lines are indispensable and increasingly meet the high requirements of product quality and labor productivity.

Product folding machine is one of the specialized machine products that has met the high requirements in the factory. It has the function of folding and automatic roll of products, replacing traditional workers to help businesses optimize production, improve productivity and revenue for customers.


Technical specifications of automatic folding machine:

Machine size: W x L x H = 2200 x 2000 x1600 (mm).

Operating height: 810mm from floor surface.

Height for taking products: 1100mm from the floor

Main power source: 3 phase power source. AC 200V / 50Hz

HMI control screen

Air supply: 0.4-0.6 Mpa

Number of Model: 02

Structure of automatic product folding machine

may tu dong gap cuon san pham -CNCVINA

Automatic folding machine includes:

– Locator cluster – product holder

– Cluster clamp wings

– Cluster of rolls

– Bottom frame

– Upper frame cluster

– Unload product cluster

Principle of operation

Operation is very simple and safe for workers:

Step1: Select the Model type on the HMI control screen

Step2: Operator manipulates the product into Ring Positioning Cluster

Step3: Push the mouse tail switch

+ Folded wing folds into 2 folds next to the product

+ The cluster keeps going to keep the product creating folds according to each model

+ The roll folding assembly proceeds to fold the bag according to the installation of each Model

Step4: The operator takes the product and manipulates the same for the next product.

Instructions to replace the model for the machine

Step 1: Select the model to use on the HMI screen

Step 2: Replace ring ring for each selected model

Step 3: Replace the hand grip Cluster clamp for the selected model


may tu dong gap cuon san pham sau khi gap

Products after being folded on automatic machines designed and manufactured by CNCVina

Note when installing and supplying electricity and gas for sewing machines

When installing, always make sure to align the elevation and balance of the machine surface.
– Power supply: Before supplying power to the system to check the safety of the electrical system: electrical cabinet of the machine, wiring system, power source … Main power supply 3P – AC 200V / 50Hz with the required capacity of 4.5KW. DC 24V control power. (Electrical diagram, more information see section. The power source and the electric drawing are compiled by CNCVina engineers and provided to customers).
– Air supply to the system: Connect the short pipe mill air supply line to Regulator at 2 locations. Air supply pressure from 0.4 – 0.6 Mpa.
– Ensure the correlation between the machines.

Maintenance and maintenance process

– Always clean the machine after every shift

– Check the structure, electrical and gas systems of the machine before each shift (Axles, bearings, cylinders, engines, slides, screw screws ..)

– Before carrying out maintenance of sewing machine, it must be brought to the original, disconnected from electricity and then maintenance.

– Compliance with maintenance requirements and operation of maintenance and maintenance for mechanical systems, movement structures and electrical systems.

– Periodical maintenance of items according to maintenance instructions attached to the machine.

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