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Product code engraving laser machine

Application of product code laser marking machine

The manufacturing industry is growing strongly, accompanied by strict requirements, high quality requirements. 2D laser engraving technology is increasingly applied in production with flexibility, easy automation, and assembled on automated lines that meet important requirements in the manufacturing industry such as applications for engraving QR codes, barcode, series numbers ….

 The laser marking machine has superior advantages compared to other common engraving methods such as high precision, fine fine lines, fast processing speed without affecting, deforming to materials and engraved on many different materials. Low temperature impact zone ….


Specifications of product code laser marking machine:

Machine size: 900 (W) x 1500 (D) x 1800 (H)

– Operating height: Machine

operating height: 850mm from floor surface.

 – Main power supply: AC 1phase 220V, 50HZ

– Control power: DC24V.

– Capacity: 1KW – Weight: 550kg

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Principle of operation

Step 1: Supply products to JIG by hand, use barcode to read barcode on products

Step 2: Press the button at the start position to proceed with number engraving

Step 3: After finishing carving the number, the robot moves the Jig out to the inspection camera position

Step 4: The control screen will announce OK / NG

Step 5: After the engraving is completed, it will print the required stamp by the Barcode reader

Uses of laser marking machine products

Product code laser marking machine is used to mark 2D code information, engrave labels, serial numbers, logos, code, engrave parts … on different materials and products. Allows easy sorting, sorting, security encryption, checking, managing parts history, … in the following stages. Product code laser marking machine is one of the specialized automatic machine products supplied by CNC for customers for many years.

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