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Plastic tray washing machine

Plastic tray washing machine, plastic container washing solution, plastic box, oil bleaching and product drying on leading industrial washing machine in Vietnam.

Plastic tray washing machine automatically supplies products, washed with hot water, chemicals, ultrasonic waves and dried with complex surface profiles according to customer requirements. Clean, high productivity and environmentally friendly.

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Introduction of the plastic tray washer made by CNC-VINA

Plastic tray washing machine, plastic box is an industrial washing machine with integrated automatic Loading & Unloading system which is responsible for cleaning plastic trays, plastic containers, plastic containers of products, assembly materials, manufacturing in mechanical industry precision processing, electronic components assembly …

Washing products: Plastic boxes, plastic trays, plastic containers with complex internal profiles.

Automatic tray washing machine is used to: remove oil stains, dirt sticking to the plastic surface during use.

High cleaning productivity, the machine has integrated Load / Unload system to help reduce labor costs.

The wash chambers have automatic doors that ensure water tightness and separate the wash chambers.

Washing solution: W80 oil 15% + water 85%, temperature 60 ° C.


Structure of automatic plastic tray washing machine

Structure of industrial washing machine plastic tray products includes the following clusters:

  • Cluster Load and Unload products automatically
  • Washing compartments: Chemical washing, hot water washing, gas bath, drying
  • 180 ° box flip mechanism
  • Chemical circulation tanks, filter tanks and water circulation
  • Dirty oil removal structure
  • The washing system includes the water spray on the sides of the product, the hot air nozzle to dry the product
  • Water softening system
  • Water cleanliness sensor

Product washing process on plastic tray washing machine, plastic boxes

Step 1: Load the plastic tray into the stand-by position on the washer

Step 2: Conveyor to transport products into the first compartment – Chemical washing compartment.

Step 3: The product continues to be taken to the hot water wash compartment to completely remove dirt from the product.

Step 4: After being washed, the product will go through air clusters to dry the product.

The machine is designed with 180 ° box flip clusters for thorough product drying in grooves with complex geometries.

Step 5: After completing the washing process, the product is arranged in an automatic Output conveyor.

The plastic box washing machine is designed for maximum automation to reduce labor costs

Can be combined with an automatic production line to create a closed production process.

The material of the machine is 100% made of stainless steel 201 and 304.

The equipment in the machine meets industrial water resistance standards

Mechanical and electrical equipment originated from Japan and the EU.

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Technical specifications

  • Machine size (Length x width x height): 8000x3000x2200
  • Wash pump capacity: 3Kw
  • Power supply: 3phase, 380V, 50Hz
  • Gas source: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
  • Number of operators: 1-2 people.
  • Cycle time: 10 seconds / box
  • Product dimensions:
  • Length (max): 400mm
  • Width (max): 280mm
  • High (max): 130mm
  • In / Out cluster holds up to: ~ 25 boxes

Plastic tray washing machine maintenance guide

Observe the pressure gauge daily to check the gas pressure range, washing is enough.

Observe the water level in the washing bucket. Adjust the input or output flow accordingly.

Open the oil picker cover and look inside.

If the belt or engine is dirty, please clean it.

Belt is damaged, then replace.

Check the filter bag and clean the filter. Open the lid of the filter container and observe with naked eye.

Remove the filter bag and clean it.

Replace the filter bag if it is no longer capable of filtering residue

Discharge the residue in the filter tank.

Check and clean the container. Open the lid of a clean, dirty container and observe with naked eye

Clean the chip holder.

Drain the residue and sanitize the entire tank.

Exhaust fan Observe the amount of steam blowing out of the inlet.

Remove the filter tray to clean if steam is blowing out inlet.

Piping system for washing solution supply. Observe the pipes.

Correct if there is a water leak on the pipes.

Periodic maintenance of the machine.

Overall cleaning of the machine.

Check drive assemblies.

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