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Plastic painting line

CNC-VINA provides total solution for painting line. Design, manufacture and install a modern plastic coating line with stable operation, high productivity and environmental friendliness from leading paint experts in Vietnam.

Plastic coating line for automobile and motorcycle industry, manufacturing equipment, home appliances according to customer requirements: automobile bumper painting, motorcycle cover painting, electric motorcycle cover painting, home appliance cover and product electricity, electronics, technology gadgets.

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The automatic plastic painting line is specially designed for the surface coating process of product plastic shells. The plastic painting line consists of a chain conveyor system, pre-treatment chambers with high pressure nozzles. Dust-free paint spraying chamber, automatic paint mixing system, drying and integrated system, stable temperature, eco-friendly exhaust gas treatment and control system.

Application of plastic painting line

Plastic products are light, beautiful, easy to fabricate and cheap, so they are used in most industries and consumer goods.

The plastic painting line is therefore also applicable to many products. In which, the plastic coating technology is focused on developing and applying a lot to the plastics industry of cars, motorcycles and home appliances, electronics, technology.

Some products can be mentioned such as: automobile bumper (front bumper, rear bumper), motor vehicle covers and covers, home appliance cover: heater, washing machine, refrigerator; helmet.

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Plastic painting steps

Attach parts and products to the paint jig

Depending on the size, shape of the product and the painting requirements, the plastic product will be attached to the paint jig or clamp for easy cleaning and painting. The paint jig carries products running from top to bottom with the hanger conveyor or under the floor conveyor. The speed of the conveyor is controlled and adjustable.

Depending on the size of the product and the responsiveness of the fixtures as well as the paint line, each jig of paint can hold and hang the number of products at the same time (such as with phone covers, buttons …) or just one product. products per jig (such as motorcycle cover, front bumper, rear bumper, automobile bumper, helmet, household electrical equipment cover …). The common feature of these paint jig is that they can be rotated in translucent motion.

Surface treatment of products with a pretreatment line
The quality of the surface of the product before painting determines the durability of the paint on the surface of the product. The plastic parts and products before painting need to be cleaned through a pretreatment system. Here, the product is sprayed with nozzle nozzles with high pressure through hot water washing, oil removal, DI water washing … and surface drying.

Dry the parts before painting

The air-blasted product to remove water will be passed through the drying oven at a temperature depending on the resin type and product thickness to ensure the surface is free from water before painting. Usually with ABS plastic, the drying temperature is about 70-75 ° C.

Spray paint

The product is sealed in unpainted positions to save paint and affect product quality. And go through the spray paint process including: Primer, Base Coat and Top Coat. Paint color is mixed automatically and led to the nozzles thanks to the paint mixing system, paint pipes.

The product is sprayed by hand by the worker or the product rotates 360 ° with the paint nozzle up and down thanks to the 2-3 axis paint robot or the flexible 6-axis robot arm with programmed distance and dark nozzle trajectory pros.

Paint dust in the air is drawn by the circulating water screen thanks to the air supply system and circulating water pump to the cellar and treatment tank to reduce the risk of fire and explosion and be environmentally friendly.

Product drying

After each painting step, the product should be dried in an oven (heated by hot air from a gas or oil combustion chamber). Or drying by UV or infrared depending on the sensitivity of the product. Drying temperature and time depends on product size and texture as well as coating thickness.

Cooling the product

The product after drying is cooled with air before being removed from the jig and transported to the packaging or assembly line.

Jig of plastic paint after a period of use will be covered with thick paint. Jig bleaching is also a step that needs attention. It can be chemical bleached or sandblasted, burning the jig depending on the technology requirements and investment of the customer.

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Advantages of the plastic painting line:

Conveyors are used to transport plastic products from the beginning to the end of the line with a suspension jig, which holds the product at variable speeds.

Eliminate static electricity and dust on product surface through manual ion air blower and automatic ion fan;

Equipped with dehumidifier to preheat before spraying, effectively remove blemishes or fingerprints on the product surface;

Structure of a three-side water curtain painting dust stamping system, equipped with a centrifugal exhaust fan to discharge exhaust gas. Due to the pressure difference, the paint dust suspended in the air is sucked into the circulating water screen and brought to the overflow chamber. Paint residue is collected into the cellar to collect sediment and processed to ensure safety for the environment.

The spraying area is equipped with a self-rotating device to help the product rotate at a high speed during the spraying process;

Spray guns use a fixed form to spray the product and each spray gun is responsible for a portion of the product’s surface;

Temperature, humidity, time in the paint and drying chambers are controlled and adjusted easily.

Exhaust gas is treated by ventilation system, ceiling filter…

Plastic painting lines and ED painting lines for cars, motorcycles, metal painting lines make an important contribution to the finished painting stages of the automotive, motorcycle and household goods manufacturing industries.

CNC-VINA provides customers with a total solution for the paint line with modern, environment-friendly paint technology and on-demand painting line with modern paint technology and optimal investment. Customers interested in painting line products please contact us for advice and support:


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