may rua hop nhua-industrial washing machine

Plastic box & barrel washing machine

Plastic box washing machine, plastic containers are used for the manufacturing industry of cars, motorcycles, mechanical processing … The automatic industrial washing machines are not only used to wash mechanical parts and products for assembly. It also has the function of cleaning boxes, trays, containers of accessories and accessories.

These boxes, boxes and trays are frequently exposed to grease and dirt, so if not cleaned in time, it will affect the quality of products in the factory. If manual washing is used, it will take time and low capacity, leading to a lack of equipment for production. High-performance cleaning with automatic plastic box, tray, and plastic washing machine will keep your line running smoothly.


Plastic box washing machine specifications

Size of reference machine: 6000x2500x2500 (mm)

Operation height: 1000 mm

Voltage: 3 phase / 220VAir supply: 0.4-0.6 bar

Plastic box reference size: min 445x275x25 mm; max 510x 345×240 mm

Cycle time: 7s / 1 box

Major clusters: conveyor system, high pressure sprayer, heating unit, filter pump system, filter bag, oil scoop and oil evaporator.

Outstanding features of plastic box washers, plastic containers

With the washing belt conveyor system supplied to the machine and put into the washing chamber, drying is then carried out at the opposite end of the cycle to continuously increase machine productivity.

The parts are cleaned with a high pressure sprayer with coolant solution (water-mixed oil), heated (about 800C), then the parts are dried before being removed from the machine.

The washing machine has 2 automatic and manual modes that are flexible to use.

Filter pump system, filter bag, Oil skimmer, mist collector to help circulate the washing solution to save maximum cleaning solution, ensure health for workers and the environment around.

he thong voi phun nuoc nong ap luc cao trong may rua hop nhua -CNCVina

Hot water nozzle system (liquid detergent) with high pressure inside the washing chamber of the box washer, plastic container designed and manufactured by CNCVina.

Process of operation and maintenance of washing machines for plastic boxes and plastic containers

Before operating the box washing machine for the first time, it is necessary to supply water to the washing tank: 

Steps to supply water to the container for the Washer.

Step 1: Leave the device in “MANUAL” mode.

Step 2: Open the wiper valve for water into the container (normally closed).

Observe that the water level in the blue container is satisfactory. 

Plastic box washing machine performs 4 stages automatically: put the box, box, plastic tray into the machine by hand – wash with chemicals – wash with hot water – blow dry. The product after drying is removed at the end of the conveyor. Manipulate the dirty box and remove the box by hand by the worker. 

Some notes in the maintenance process of washing machine:

 Observe daily pressure gauges to check if the air pressure range is sufficient. 

Observe the water level in the washing bucket.

Adjust the input or output flow to be reasonable.

 Open the lid of the Oil Skimmer and look inside.
– Oil is dirty, then clean.

– Belt has a damaged phenomenon instead. Check the filter bag and clean the filter barrel. Open the filter lid and observe with the naked eye.

– Remove the filter bag and clean.

– Replace the filter bag if the filter bag is no longer capable of sediment filtration

– Drain the sludge in the filter tank. Check and clean containers. Open the clean, dirty lid and observe with the naked eye – Clean the chip holder tray.

– Drain the sludge and clean the entire tank. Aspirator fan Observe the amount of steam blown to the input.

– Remove the filter tray for cleaning if the steam blows out the input. Cleaning solution piping system. Observe the pipeline.

– Fix if there is water leakage on the pipeline. Regular maintenance of the whole machine.

-General overall machine.

-Check the drive assemblies.