may rua cong nghiep-industrial washing machine

Motorbike fork pipe washing machine

Application of motorcycle shock absorber washing machine:

Motorcycle shock absorber (fork pipe) washing machine, also known as Fork pipe washing machine. The machine belongs to the category of industrial washing machines for the motorbike manufacturing industry.

The machine has the following main functions:

Check cracks, wash off oil, dust, mites and dry the motorcycle shock absorbers.

Air leak test, heat-treated wash solution is stable at 80oC with high pressure to clean and defrost to dry.

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Along with washing machines for shock absorber for motorcycles, solutions have been receiving good feedback from Japanese and Korean customers in industrial zones such as: Wash plastic boxes (Plastic box washing). Wash stainless steel tray (Tray & crate washing). Wash parts of automotive parts washing (Auto parts washing). Gear washing. Washing tube (Piping washing). Body washing (Body washing).

Technical parameters of motorcycle shock absorber washing machine

Source voltage: 3phase / 380VAir pressure: 0.4-0.5 Mpa

Air flow: 30 m3 / minute

Machine fabrication materials: SUS201

Structure and principles of fork pipe washing machine

The machine includes functional clusters: air test system, high pressure injection system, filter pump system, filter switch warning, air drying sprayer. 

With a fully automatic washing detail system, washing parts are supplied to the machine through a conveyor and put into the washing chamber. The top of the washing unit is put in and the head is removed separately with 2 independent operators. Help avoid the phenomenon of forgetting to wash or deliberately not washing. 

Washing system includes wash brooms and high pressure nozzles. Washers operate according to the principle of turning and moving in detail with the system of high pressure nozzles. Parts are washed both inside and out. The machine has the ability to cycle periodically (5 pcs 1). 

After washing the parts are automatically dried at the machine. Oil collector (Mist Collector). The system of filter pump, filter bag (3 bags), oil skimmer reduces the filter block due to the oil helps circulate the washing solution. Save maximum cleaning solution and replace filter easily (can replace filter when the machine is operating).

It also has a filter switch warning system to increase reliability when operating the machine.

may rua ong giam soc xe may fork pipe - CNCVina

Outstanding features of motorcycle fork pipe washing machine:

The product is completely clean and dry, including the edges.

Using circulating filters should save water.

Using PLC controller should be stable and easy to maintain and adjust.

Operation of motorcycle shock absorber washing machine:

Parts on washing machine table, automatic clamping system and air pump with standard pressure.

Parts are submerged in the water for a certain period of time, workers check the air leak with eyes.

After checking, the parts are washed with high pressure with the heated wash solution to increase the cleaning efficiency of the machine.

Filter pump system, filter bag, oil scooping kit help clean the washing solution, check the solution for maximum cleaning.It has an automatic warning system for filtering switches for operators.

Air-spraying rigs to help clean up the parts are automatically dried at the machine.In the process of operation, always comply with operating procedures established by CNCVina for each customer.

Always ensure stable and adequate power, water, and gas supply. Clean the machine after every shift. Periodical maintenance and maintenance of mechanical systems, electrical systems, cleaning solutions.