Buong lay mau xet nghiem PCR

Mobile COVID-19 PCR Sample Collection Booth

The portable positive pressure PCR test sample collection chamber reduces the risk of exposure for frontline healthcare workers fighting the epidemic.

– The chamber is equipped with filter: HEPA, filter dust and bacteria ≥ 0.3µm. UV lamp disinfects the air.

– FFU fan generates positive pressure with pressure gauge to monitor chamber operation
– 1-way or 2-way air conditioner (optional) with flexible moving wheels
– Double-layer safety glass door, aluminum glass door with hydraulic retractable handle.

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Mobile COVID-19 PCR Sample Collection Booth – The sampling chamber creates an environment that almost completely isolates the sampler from the person being sampled outside. Sampling staff sit or stand to take samples inside the chamber, the steel wall combines with double transparent safety glass for visibility and separates the inside and outside.

Employees take samples outside by using a pair of rubber gloves built into the glass or using medical gloves with sleeves attached to the glass wall, gloves are replaced regularly, minimizing contact with the outside.

Air is circulated in one direction continuously with positive pressure blowing from the chamber (air is taken from the top of the chamber through FFU/HEPA filter and UV sterilization to the chamber floor and out. Air pressure is maintained. continuously thanks to the fan system with adjustable speed, positive pressure displayed on the pressure gauge.

This air stream has been passed through a HEPA technology filter system to help filter dust and bacteria up to 0.3 Micrometers in size, then it is illuminated with UV light (ultraviolet light) to disinfect before entering the chamber space. Germs almost no longer have a chance to come into contact with employees inside.

Using a positive pressure test sampling chamber contributes to protecting against the risk of exposure to respiratory infections for frontline healthcare workers, creating a safe and comfortable working environment. Contributing to improving the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and suppression. Customers interested in our products can come directly to the factory to experience and evaluate.

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