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Metal painting line

Modern metal paint, ED paint, epoxy powder coating lines are used on many mechanical parts products, auto parts, motorcycles in supporting industries in Vietnam. The optimal design of the conveyor belt, the paint jig, the self-contained paint chamber with the paint dusting system and the flexible paint robot provides outstanding paint productivity and quality.

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In the metal paint industry, in addition to embedded ED paint technology often applied to frames, bodies of cars, motorcycles, ED paint technology, spray paint by hand, powder paint or robot paint – spray paint support is applied. Widely used for mechanical products, components and accessories. The scale of the painting line and the simpler painting process with quick installation time helps businesses save costs and speed up production.

See automotive ED painting line for motorbike-metal-painting

CNC-VINA provides customers with solutions to paint rims for motorbikes, paint mechanical parts and metal products on request.

Join us to learn the following products using ED metal coating technology, spay coating:

Metal paint lines, wheel painting line

Metal painting lines in automobile and motorcycle factories are mainly lines for coating bodywork and chassis. But a car rim is also a component that needs to be painted before being assembled. With this product, the fabrication and coating for the rim will be done by a number of domestic spare parts suppliers with a large modern coating line. CNC-VINA designs, manufactures and installs automotive and motorcycle rim painting lines capable of coating for many types of wheels with different sizes and diameters. Such as digital motorcycles, scooters, Sedan cars, SUV, passenger cars, trucks, or buses with aluminum and steel rims. Metal painting line with modern European coating technology, our imported equipment and domestic fabrication structure help customers save investment costs with the highest efficiency.

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Car wheel painting process

Pretreatment – Drying – Spray paint – Drying – Cooling

See also the ED painting process of the automotive painting line

The wheel of the car is hung on the conveyor belt that moves through the stages of cleaning, cleaning and surface treatment in the chambers with the high pressure nozzle of the pre-treatment line (PT line). Here, the wheel of the car is washed in hot water, degreased, chemically treated, and then dried and taken to the industrial robot arm waiting area.

The industrial robot arm picks up the rim from the hanger conveyor onto the floor conveyor and places the paint jig on the conveyor to transport it inside the paint booths.

The robot arms are painted inside the paint booth thanks to the automatic paint and leveling system to paint the finished product. Paint dusting system with water pump and circulating ventilation helps the painting process to be closed, independent and environmentally friendly. The painting process requires drying in an oven between different coatings. The parameters are controlled in the control room and displayed on the production management system of the line.

Lap dat day chuyen son vanh xe may

The painted wheel will move into the drying chamber at high temperature and then cool back to normal temperature. Drying chamber with heating and feeding system from gas or oil burner.

The rim metal paint line applies wet paint automatically with the paint mixing room as well as the circulating and spraying equipment. The paint line is capable of handling both solvent paint and water-based paint with the rate “0 ÷ 100%”, meeting modern requirements according to customers’ requirements.

In the rim painting line, the rims are transferred in a system of independent synchronous industrial conveyors by operating robots provided with special grippers. To keep the production going smoothly, the system is equipped with monitoring software. Its use makes the manufacturing process safe, easy to manage and allows for remote troubleshooting and modification throughout the entire life cycle of the paint line.

A standard coating line for aluminum wheels consists of three kilns for drying after pretreatment and various coating processes. Oven oven may be required if customer wears anticorrosive paint, polyester and acrylic-power.

The quality of the finished paint is high gloss, the paint thickness and the uniform coating surface help protect the product under harsh usage conditions and ensure aesthetics.

Metal painting lines, automobile rim painting make an important contribution in the automobile and motorcycle assembly supporting industry.

Paint line for mechanical part, auto and motorcycle spare parts

Enterprises that manufacture mechanical equipment and spare parts for the automobile and motorcycle supporting industry have been applying modern paint technologies to their part painting processes. With the need to ensure quality paint, increase productivity and more automation to minimize human involvement in hazardous, risky and boring jobs.

CNC-VINA provides automatic painting solutions with a closed, eco-friendly and automatic process under the help of paint robots.

Find out about our metal coating line with painting, drying mechanical part, auto parts, and motorbikes below.

Structure of painting and drying line of metal parts:

day chuyen son kim loai chi tiet co khi

Metal painting lines, mechanical part for motorbikes

  • Auto Painting Booth

+ booth structure

+ Air supply unit, ventilation, filter

+ Water curtain

+ Conveyor

+ Lighting, air compressed

+ Robot

  •  Paint Mixing Room
  • Input Drying Chamber
  • Output Drying Chamber
  • Jig pain
  • Control Room

Specifications of painting and drying line of metal parts:

  • Power: 3 phase, 200V, 50Hz
  • Air pressure: 0,4…0,6 Mpa
  • Input Drying Chamber temperature: 120ᵒC
  • Output Input Drying Chamber: 85ᵒC
  • Foot print: 7100x780x2340 mm
  • Operating height: 800 mm
  • Cycle time: 75s
  • Robot 6 axis: 01 set
  • Air Spray gun: 02 bộ

day chuyen son kim loai tu dong

Operation principle of metal painting and drying line:

Products are mechanical parts, auto and motorbike assembly parts, processed and cleaned from the previous stage and sent to the painting line by the roller conveyor system, chain conveyor with clothes hangers. drying / painting operation.

The product is passed through inlet drying chamber with drying temperature of 120ᵒC

The product moves under the chain conveyor into the paint chamber coated with a 6-axis industrial robot arm with an optimized calculated and programmed trajectory. The robot arm moves flexibly with 3-4-5-6 degrees of freedom combined with the rotation of the jig to help coat every corner of the product in a short time to bring a high-quality painted surface and Paint savings compared to hand spray paint.

During the painting process, the paint dust stamping system with the circulating water curtain and the fresh air intake / supply fan works continuously to collect paint dust and treat wastewater quickly and safely for humans and the environment.

After painting, the product is moved to the output drying chamber with a drying temperature of 85ᵒC and cooled before moving to the next stage.

The total drying-painting-drying time in the line is 75 seconds. The jig has the ability to attach, hang 1-2-4 products at the same time (depending on the model, the paint robot will recognize the product and paint according to the programmed trajectory for that model) to improve productivity and save time space.

Metal painting lines, mechanical parts, auto parts and motorbikes with robotic arms help reduce the labor involved in the painting process, which is heavy and risky work for humans.

Paint fire extinguisher line

CNC-VINA provides metal coating solutions for most products according to customer requirements.

Paint processes are developed by leading paint experts with many years of experience in the paint technology industry in Vietnam.

day chuyen son binh cuu hoa CNC-VINA

Process of painting fire extinguishers

The process of painting the fire extinguisher undergoes the following stages: pre-treatment-drying-painting in / out and the finishing drying takes place sequentially on the roller conveyor system, chain conveyor, hanging with the conveyor speed : 1.5m / min.

Surface treatment (pretreatment) is done through cleaning stations and surface treatment before painting. The product is hung on chain conveyors that move through each cleaning chamber

Station 1: Backup oil bleaching

Station 2: Main oil removal

Station 3: Washing water 1

Station 4: Washing water 2

Station 5: Surface adjustment

Station 6: Phosphate

Station 7: Water washing 3

Station 8: Water washing 4

The cleaned product is dried at 100-120 ° C. Drying before and after painting (painting either outside or painting both inside and outside) at a temperature of 180-220 ° C with the heating system from gas or oil burner.

The paint booth uses epoxy powder paint, dustproof insulation design, exhaust fan and paint dust filter

Metal painting line, paint fire extinguisher cover are flexibly designed, used for 6 different tank models to help customers be proactive in production and save investment costs.

CNC-VINA provides customers with car, motorcycle painting line, metal painting line with products on request with modern paint technology and optimal investment. Customers interested in painting line products please contact us for advice and support:


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