May han than khau trang y te CNC-VINA

Mask body manufacturing machine

Provide medical mask body welding machine with a capacity of 120 pcs / min. Designed and manufactured in Vietnam by CNC-VINA. Korean ultrasonic welding sources, components from Japan, Taiwan

Stable operating system, professional after-sales maintenance and maintenance services. Warranty 12 months.

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Mask body manufacturing machine, body making machine made in Vietnam – Mask body making machine made in Vietnam. The medical mask body welding machine is a specialized automatic machine serving the medical industry and consumers that has been used for a long time. Recently, the SARS Covid-2 epidemic broke out and caused heavy damage to people and the global economy.

The increasing demand for medical masks has led to a sharp increase in the demand for welding machine masks and mask making lines in Vietnam and other countries around the world. Not only face masks for adults but also face masks for children are also bought a lot.

In addition to Chinese and Korean lines for making masks, investors are looking to buy masks made by Vietnam domestically for the following reasons:

Chinese mask making lines are quite expensive

The imported lines are of poor quality due to low quality machining and equipment, leading to the machine either not running or running unstable.

Insufficient productivity, slow capital recovery, even money loss.

Many customers, after buying the machine, do not have an operator or technical support person. When the problem occurs, the machine stops working, do not know how to handle it. This situation caused heavy damage to investors.

Buy the line with no installation, maintenance and technical support when problems lead to production disruption.

CNC-VINA is one of the few domestic masking line suppliers with the ability to design, fabricate, assemble, setup, operate and maintain.


According to the needs of the market, CNC-VINA is focusing on providing a borderless semi-automatic medical mask production line. This is a semi-automatic mask making line to meet the needs of fast production, stable operation and most cost-saving today.

Masking machine for children and adult masking machine are all designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements With the aim of minimizing investment costs, increasing operational efficiency, and easily managing time as well as utilizing labor, our company has been manufacturing lines and machines that are suitable for demand and financial capacity of different types of customers.

In particular, the semi-automatic process only needs 1-2 workers to operate the entire production line with the finished product rate of 95-99%, helping to minimize costs in the production process.

Advantages of the semi-automatic mask making line

The semi-automatic mask making line in general and the body welding machine in particular have the advantages:

– The entire machine frame is made of shaped aluminum frame, anodized aluminum, chrome-nickel steel, stainless steel, CNC machining parts with high precision to ensure medical standards.

may han than khau trang made in vietnam mask making

dau han sieu am han khau trang han quoc

– Advanced control system by PLC, user-friendly display.

– The display screen is programmed by CNC-VINA engineers with 2 main languages: Vietnamese and English. Friendly interface, easy to select, adjust, and control.

– Equipped with pneumatic equipment system (on the welding machine), mechanical equipment, electrical control equipment imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan: Mitsubishi, Delta, Panasonic, SMC…

– Easy operation, warranty, maintenance, repair, minimizing the rate of waste in the production process. The body mask welding machine is manufactured in a modular form with adjustable wheels and legs. Can be moved and installed in any position on the factory floor as well as easily moved in narrow spaces.

may han than khau trang y te cnc-vina


– Producing 3 – 4 layer masks.

– There is a guide structure, creating waves, creating fabrics

– Easy to operate and manipulate. Smart design, compact.

Technical parameters:

Machine size: L3150 x W750 x H1850mm

Mask size: 170 ~ 175 x 92 ~ 95mm

Productivity: 100-120 pcs / min

Finished product rate: 95-99%

Voltage: 1 phase, 220VAC, 50Hz

Capacity: 3.5 Kw

Compressed air: Not in use

Number of ultrasonic welding heads: 1 head

Customers who have demand for automatic machines and automatic lines, automation solutions in this industry please contact us for advice and support:


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