May cat mang loa-Loudspeaker membrane cutting machine

Loudspeaker membrane cutting machine

Application of loudspeaker membrane cutting machine

Speaker diaphragm cutting machine is a specialized machine designed by CNCVina according to customers’ requirements for each model of specific membrane products. True to its name, the machine is used to cut through the diaphragm after molding and casting, before moving to the next assembly stage. The machine is designed to operate automatically with a combination of components such as product-feeding robots and product pick-up, product transport conveyor systems. Dedicated speaker diaphragm helps cut through speaker membranes accurately and quickly. Productivity is significantly improved compared to manual cutting methods. The machine is widely used in factories manufacturing electronic components, assembling equipment for cars and motorcycles …


Specifications of loudspeaker membrane cutting machine:

 - The diaphragm after the casting stage is applied to the JIG moving on the conveyor belt to the position of picking up the product then automatically returning to the original position.

- 3-point displacement mechanism uses high-precision Robot Cylinder to automatically deliver products into stamping molds and pick up products to output belts.

may cat mang loa tu dong-CNCVina

Front and rear diaphragm details are cut on the automatic cutting machine of CNCVina.

Salient features:

 - Compact structure, high cutting speed.

- Cutting quality is always ensured thanks to the stamping mold system and Robot Cylinder structure for high precision products.

- All cutting and cutting positions have a position checking sensor to ensure quality after cutting.