May ep thuy luc 10 tan

Hydraulic pressing machine 10T

10 ton hydraulic press, hydraulic press machine according to customer requirements.

Pressing monitoring system (Force sensor + Cruise sensor

The machine operates simply, safely and efficiently, with high productivity with automatic pressure control and pressing stroke.

Application of hydraulic presses in assembling mechanical components for automobiles, motorcycles, and electronic assembly with high precision.

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General introduction of hydraulic presses machine

Integrated hydraulic press with guide mechanism is a mechanical industry automatic machine commonly used for machining, part assembly and part assembly applications requiring high precision.

Products: pressed bearings, mechanical products

The press has the ability to adjust the pressure and the pressing speed. Flexibility in production.

The machine is equipped with a load cell and a stroke sensor to help closely monitor the pressing process. The ability to plot force diagrams helps detect errors during pressing.

The machine has the ability to combine many pressing stages for one product because it is equipped with an automatic pressure control valve.

Structure of hydraulic press

The hydraulic press is composed of:

Hydraulic press assembly (cylinder + hydraulic power set)

Guide assembly (Press brake ring)

Jig pressed cluster

Pressing process monitoring system (Force sensor + Cruise sensor)

Safety structure: Operated by 2 buttons, Safety zone sensor, Safety latch, Cover around machine

Pressing process:

Step 1: The worker places the product in the press jig on the machine

Step 2: Press the two Start buttons simultaneously, the press head goes down and presses the 2 parts together.

Step 3: After the cylinder goes up and finishes the pressing process, the worker takes the product out of the jig.

The pressure on the machine can be easily set via the pressure control valve.

The pressing speed can be set via the automatic throttle, the machine has 2 speed modes (Press without load and with product)

Material of the machine is made from steel SS400. Jig material is SKD11.

Mechanical and electrical equipment originated from Japan and the EU.

Technical specifications

Machine size (Length x width x height): 1400x1560x2470

Oil pump capacity: 5.5Kw

Pressing capacity: 10 tons

Power supply: 3phase, 380V, 50Hz

Gas source: 0.4-0.6 Mpa

Number of operators: 1 person.

Idling speed: 100-120mm / s

Pressing speed: 50mm / s

may ep thuy luc tu dong CNC-VINA

Machine maintenance operations

Observe the pressure gauge daily to check if the oil pressure and air pressure range is sufficient.

Observe the oil level in the oil tank.

Check and clean the container. Open the lid and observe with naked eye

Check, add cooling fan lubricating oil to the air oil cooling option.

Check the cooling pipes and cooling water tank for the oil water cooling option.

Oil pipeline system to the cylinder. Observe the pipes.

Correct if there is an oil leak on the pipeline.

Periodic maintenance of the machine.

Overall cleaning of the machine.

Check drive assemblies.

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