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Gear parts washing machine

Application of gear part washing machine:

 Machine washing gear (Gear washing machine) is a type of automatic industrial washing machine for the manufacturing industry of cars and motorbikes … The machine is an automatic washing solution that is offered by CNCVina and applied to many customers. domestically and internationally.

The function of gear washers is to clean grease and dirt on the gear before assembling into clusters. Pneumatic blowdown and part washers help wash mechanical parts, auto parts and motorcycles in general. And the gear in particular easily and quickly. With mechanical gear cleaner method, conventional gear, will need a lot of workers to manipulate large quantities of products. It takes time and manpower for the pre-assembly cleaning process to increase. The productivity of the whole line will be affected.


With automatic washing system, industrial gear is designed and manufactured by CNCVina according to customer requirements. Productivity and profitability of customers will increase rapidly. Moreover, the automatic washing system is integrated with oil separators and sediment filter to ensure stable operation. And safe for operators.

Specifications of gear washing machine

Machine fabrication materials: SUS201

Machine size: 3500 (W) x 3000 (D) x 2200 (H) (mm)

Operating height of the machine: 1500 mm from the floor.

Main power supply: 3 phase power, AC200 V, 50-60HZ, 35KW.

Electrical control: DC 24V

Air source requirement: 0.4-0.6 MPa

Structure and operating principle of automatic gear motor washing machine

Industrial washing machines, gear washers have been provided by CNC very much for big customers specializing in manufacturing auto parts, motorcycles such as MUSASHI, FCC, … Depending on customers’ requirements with each product. Specific products for which industrial washing machines are designed differently. However, basically, the washing machine consists of the following main assemblies and equipment:

– System transfer, conveyor belt to bring products into the room

– Washing system with high pressure water cleaners helps to remove grease, rust, dirt from gears.

– Drying system to dry wash parts after being cleaned.

– Filter pump, scum removal, oil suction, sediment filter and circulating pump system.

Principle of operation:

Workers after finishing the cut will put it into the conveyor of the washing machine. Sensor checks the On product, the open valve, the product to be washed in the washing chamber and transferred to the deflector to clean the chip. After washing, gear comes to the output. Workers at check machine location get gear to get gear to check. Washing system: including water container, filter barrel, oil skimer. After washing, dirty water will be returned to the dirty container, through the oil skimer to remove the oil trough. The pump is then pumped onto the filter tank, filtered to a clean container, the pump will be pumped to the washing chamber to wash. End a washing cycle of hundreds of products in about 15 seconds.

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3D concept of gears for washing machine parts – All products of industrial washing machines, specialized machines and customized machines designed and manufactured by CNCVina are illustrated visually and clearly. for customers. 

Prominent features of gear detail washers:

The washing machine is specially designed to wash all kinds of gears with 3 wash cycles and drying cycle using water and washing oil solution.Gear wheel washer has two modes of automatic and manual operation. The display buttons, system switches, indicator lights help operators easily identify the operation of the machine quickly and promptly.The cylinder system and chucks are calculated and designed in accordance with the features of the machine.Filter pump system, filter bag, Oil skimmer help circulate the washing solution to maximize the washing solution.Oil vaporizer (Mist collector) ensures health for workers and surrounding environment.

Operating gear washers:

The product is inserted manually

After the product is put in, the sensor will confirm. If the conveyor belt is eligible, it will run after pressing the button

The product will pass through the wash chamber with high pressure and then move to the dry chamber

The part after being washed dry will be cooled naturally and taken out

Note: During operation, always follow the procedures and operating instructions that have been built by the customer according to the customer’s washing machine. Here are some errors on the washing machine and how to handle the reference for the operator: 

Error Overload Washing Pump / Error Overload Mist collector / Error Overload Oil Skimmer / Error Overload Conveyor 

-Cause: Due to overloaded engine.

 -System status: Stop system, bright red light, HMI shows error “Error Overload Washing Pump”. –

Active: check the connection to see if it is short-lived. Tighten the connection position. Return the system and run again. 

When executing the stated processing methods without correcting the error:

+ Check whether the wiring part of the device is loose, broken or loose from the connector.

+ If not check the device to see if it works.

+ If not power off the whole system then re-source and re-create from where.