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Flexible fixed column industrial manipulator MFF Series

Flexible Fixed Column Manipulator MFF Series (Flexible Fixed Column Manipulator)- Pneumatic powered lifting arm supports lifting and moving products from 100kg, designed according to the required load.

Frame size : 3300mm(L) x 2500mm(H) | Lifting height: 1200mm | Rotary wheel: 3000mm

Lifting capacity: 100kg/200kg/500kg/1000kg/2000kg lift design according to customer requirements | Gas pressure max 0.7 Mpa

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The MFF series flexible fixed column manipulator with swivel joints and lifting cylinder helps to pick up, lift and move products weighing from 100kg to several tons. Lifting is easy with only one worker to operate.

Pneumatic manipulator support all aspects of force: Lifting, lowering, mobility, ergonomics and safety issues when moving products of large weight and size. and shapes from simple to complex.

The user of the manipulator only needs to focus on the task of adjusting the direction of the object being lifted. As a result, human participation will be maximized, reducing risks and increasing accuracy.

Specifications of MFF series  air manipulator

Reference specifications apply to the pneumatic balaman model MFF-100

Frame size: 3300mm(L) x 2500mm(H)

Lifting height: 1200mm

Rotary wheel: 3000mm

Lifting capacity: 100kg/200kg/500kg/1000kg/2000kg lift arm design according to customer requirements.

Gas pressure max 0.7 Mpa

Unlike the MF Series Fixed column manipulator, this type of air manipulator does not need to use a tool to pull objects up and down. It itself can lift the product up-down, turn left and right, pull in-push away thanks to being equipped with two 360-degree swivel joints and one 300-degree swivel joint.

canh tay tro luc dang cot FFM

canh tay tro luc dang cot FFM

The MFF series industrial manipulator is very suitable for lifting and rotating heavy objects, moving them to lower or higher positions with many obstacles around (machinery, equipment, workpieces…) and is especially suitable when lifting products in confined spaces that cannot be achieved by straight lifting methods.

Applications can be mentioned: Power-assisted lifting of automobile assembly including engine, brake, transmission, wheel, windshield installation…Manipulator arm for loading and unloading pallets, cartons on and off the vehicle Loaders and hand pallet trucks… Supplying workpieces to a processing machine table with sheet blanks, large pipes, supplying rolls of fabric, taking products from molding machines, stamping machines…

For products that need to change the mounting position for processing or assembly, continuous testing or need to reverse, rotate when loading and unloading, the MFF Series flexible column balaman is a great helper.

ung dung canh tay tro luc MFF series

ung dung canh tay tro luc MFF series

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