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Filling machine

Filling machine for water, liquid, paste, chemical with high precision. Stainless steel design, compact and easy to use, providing high filling capacity to ensure food hygiene and safety. CNC-VINA provides bottling solutions with automatic machines for the food, beverage, agriculture, healthcare and consumer industries.

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CNC-VINA provides customers with filling machines for liquid (water, fish sauce, chemicals, honey), powder and cream upon request. Manual filling machines, semi-automatic filling machines, automatic filling machines and 3 in 1 filling machines operate precisely and simply to bring high productivity to the product packaging process. Filling machine easily integrates with labeling machine, bottle capping machine, carton sealing machine to form a modern and productive closed line.

Advantages of the filling machine provided by CNC-VINA

Filling machine provided by CNC-VINA fabricated from 304 stainless steel ensures food hygiene and safety, GMP standard.

 Filling machine is equipped with multi-nozzle, easy to use, replaceable when filling a variety of liquids.

Precise and durable filling system for many types of solutions, liquids, chemicals, and foods

Compact design, easy to use and move

Professional warranty and maintenance services for all customers.

Popular types of filling machines today

Semi-automatic filling machine

The semi-automatic filling machine is suitable for the medium yield filling needs of small scale producers. The semi-automatic machine is suitable for a variety of fillings (mainly liquid, liquid and viscous) such as: pure water, milk tea, fish sauce, sauce, chili sauce, ketchup, dish soap, honey , yogurt…

The solution is poured into small bottles, jars, jars, paper cups and plastic cups. With just one worker operating and controlling the machine, the filling capacity can reach several tens of times / min depending on the volume and type of liquid to be filled by customers.


The semi-automatic filling machine can be equipped with multiple filling heads, so it is very convenient for the user to change the nozzle when changing materials of different colors, smells and properties, and convenient to clean the filling tip. Help improve work efficiency and save costs

Semi-automatic filling machines often use cylinder-piston or electromagnetic pump to pump liquid from the hopper, tank to the nozzle. There are 2 types of energy, electricity and when compression is commonly used. Among them, the pneumatic piston Airtac, Shako is more popular. The extraction system is based on the principle of piston extraction, so that when filling, the quantity is available and accurate.

The machine has an accurate filling speed control system and easy adjustment of filling capacity. Filling machine is simply designed, space saving makes machine operation very fast and convenient. Installation is easy and easy to move.

The filling tip of the machine is modernly designed, has 1 – 4 filling tips, is anti-drip to ensure food safety hygiene. With machines used for filling applications of thick, viscous and low viscosity liquids such as honey, ice cream, and yogurt, the machine is equipped with a stirring and heating system inside the feed hopper to ensure the product is always safe. precise quantity and filling. The machine can have 1 hopper, 2 hopper or stirring barrel to improve bottling productivity.

Extraction parts are designed accurately, simply but optimally to minimize the effects of external factors on the product such as dust, bacterial contamination.

The machine operation and maintenance is very simple. The machine can be used in manual mode (foot switch with pedals) or semi-automatic with a delay time setting between 2 sprints.

The machine has the feature of counting filling times, setting delay time, automatically stopping when raw materials are out, and an emergency stop button available when something goes wrong. Equipped with pressure measuring system to receive signals and intelligently process.

Automatic filling machine

An automatic filling machine is a type of automatic filling machine that quantitatively fills liquid, liquid, gel, cream, viscous, powder and granular products into containers, bottles, jars, boxes, or plastic cans. glass, plastic tube, aluminum, silver bag… quickly, accurately and safely.

The machine is integrated with advanced technologies to help save energy and increase productivity for businesses. The machine is capable of controlling temperature and pressure indicators for carbonated beverage filling applications and ensures food hygiene and safety standards and GMP standards.

filling machine

The automatic filling machine has wide applications in many industries such as: food, beverage and consumer, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical.

Food industry: The machine is suitable for filling liquid products, such as sauces, peanut oil, cooking oil, coconut milk, oyster seasoning, soy sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, nutritional porridge. em, milk, yogurt, honey (with mixer)….

Beverage, alcohol and beverage industries: bottled purified water, alcohol, beer, non-carbonated drinks, fruit juices, milk tea, green tea and carbonated beverages. Enclosed vacuum during filling.

Chemical industry: lubricating oil, motor oil, cleaning chemical, paint sprayer, chemical, glue, silicone, water paint …

Cosmetic industry: shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, toothpaste, perfume…

Pharmaceutical and medical industry: fluid bottles, distilled water bottles, eye drops, nasal sprays, spray bottles, gel, liquid medicine tubes …

And many other professions also need the use of automatic filling machines in particular and filling machines in general.

Classification according to the structure of filling nozzles, type of filling

Filling machines use pistons (one piston, two pistons, multiple pistons, one tap, multiple nozzles, multiple heads …)

The filling machine uses servo motor piston for high viscosity liquids such as motor oil, shampoo, shower gel, glue …

Filling machine uses peristaltic pump

Horizontal and vertical automatic filling machine

Rotational turntable filling machine rotation

Filling machine uses compressed air

Sort according to the type (form) of the product to be filled and packaged

Liqid filling machine (purified water, mineral water, bottled water, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, fruit juices, milk, lubricants, soy sauce …)

Cream product filling machine (shower gel, shampoo, cleanser, yogurt …)

Powder powder quantitative filling machine (powdered milk, MSG, sugar, coffee, powder, paint powder, dye, powder …)

Granule quantitative filling machine (dried fruits, rice agricultural products, cashew nuts, peanuts, beans, salt seeds, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds, pills …)

Sort by volume, capacity to fill and pack

Fixed capacity automatic filling machine

Variable capacity automatic filling machine (50-100ml, 100-1000ml, 200-2000ml, 500-5000ml, 7L, 10L, 12L…)

Medium speed filling machine

High speed filling machine with capacity of 5,000-10,000-15,000-20,000-30,000 bottles / hour

Sort by product to be filled and packed

This is the most popular term that is preferred by consumers because it is associated with the product.

Automatic wine filling machine, filling vodka, beer, alcoholic beverages

Lubricant filling machine

Pure drink filling machine, fruit juice, green tea, milk tea,

Fish sauce, cooking oil, soy sauce, soy sauce filling machine

Automatic filling machine for shampoo, shower gel…

filling machine CNC-VINA

Some automatic filling systems are integrated with a hot water bottle rinse system, blow dry the bottle, fill and screw the cap completely automatically, making the bottling process fast and hygienic. With the usual screwing of the cap by the threaded cap or the wick capping (for champagne bottles), the built-in machines can do it quickly and easily.

Automatic 3 in 1, 4 in 1 filling machine can work independently or integrated into the bottling line, with labeling machine, carton sealing machine of products flexibly. The closed packaging line will help reduce labor costs, improve productivity and product quality. Improve the competitiveness of your business.


In order to save time and improve productivity, some filling machine manufacturers have integrated filling and capping stages on the same machine. Often called the machine filling and capping plastic bottles, glass bottles – Automatic rotary glass bottle filling and capping machine. The machine uses a bottle-clamping turntable or a straight conveyor system that transfers the bottle to the capping position. The bottle cap is passed from feeder pre-loaded by the operator or from an automatic bowl vibrating feeder.

3in1 filling machine

CNCVINA automatic filling machine is made from 304 stainless steel to ensure food safety, easy to disassemble and clean.

The precise dosing filling machines are controlled by PLC screen with wide touch screen, friendly interface for easy operation.

Imported electrical equipment, metering equipment, electronic components with quality guarantee accuracy, stable operation and long service life regardless of chemical, corrosive, odor or temperature environment and humidity is always high.

CNCVINA is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of customized automatic machines, imported packaging machines integrating customized solutions to help customers achieve the purpose of use, reduce investment costs and receive Get the best maintenance and after-sales service.

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