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Engine washing machine

Motor washing machine function

Engine washing machine is industrial washers, which operate automatically from the stage of embryo feeding to washing to remove products from the machine.Engine washers are used for cleaning:Motorcycle gearbox before assembly. Car engine parts. Mechanical parts after machining.


Engine washing machine used in industrial lines for mass cleaning products. Clean products with grease, dirt, acid, rust in the manufacturing process and other stages.

Technical parameters of engine wash machine parts

Source voltage: 3phase / 380v

Air pressure: 0.4-0.5 MpaAir flow: 30 m3 / min

Machine fabrication materials: SUS201

Main equipment: Filter pump system, filter bag (3 bags), oil skimmer, gas sprayer, oil vaporizer (Mist Collector), piston cylinder system with changeable itinerary.

Operate engine washing machine

The machine has two modes of automatic operation and manual operation, buttons displayed in Vietnamese.The product is hand-inserted into the washing chamber

At the washing chamber, the product is cleaned by a high-pressure wash solution

After being washed, the product is rinsed with non-chemical water that will be dried and taken out

The outstanding features of engine washing machine parts

– The machine is washed with water-mixed oil solution (depending on the option, it is possible to add the heater, wash with hot water about 700C) to wash the engine parts at the delivery department before moving to the assembly plant.

– Washing machine with engine jig helps the rotating parts to continuously rotate in the washing and drying cycle to help clean up parts and save workers in a maximum way.

– Filter pump system, filter bag (3 bags), oil skimmer to minimize the filter block due to oil helps circulate the washing solution to save the solution for maximum cleaning and replace filter easily (Replaceable filter when the machine is operating).

It also has automatic filter switch warning system to increase reliability when operating the machine.

– Air spray rigs to help clean up the parts after being cleaned automatically at the machine.

The Oil Collector (Mist Collector) ensures the health of workers and the surrounding environment.