thiet ke che tao do ga chuyen dung-design and manufacture jigs

Design and manufacture specialized jigs on demand

CNC manufactures auto seat assembly jigs, automatic clamps, jigs for on-demand assembly with high accuracy. JIG, jigs, clamps, jigs, and JIG combine assembly lines to improve productivity and increase profits.

CNCVina manufacturing for each type of products and fabrication, designed to change flexibly and quickly according to customer requirements. In production and assembly lines, when combining jigs on automatic conveyors, jigs that are put through each stage with a certain cycle time reduce downtime between stages and improve productivity.


Designing and manufacturing jigs, specialized JIG is an important stage in mechanical engineering, CNC machining in particular and the preparation for assembly of automatic assembly lines in general. The jigs can be divided into various types of machining jigs, jigs for assembly and jigs for testing and inspection.The task of jigs is to locate and grip for details in advance, while other systems perform a certain task. So it needs to meet the requirements such as: High precision, How to make workers, robotic arms ... can set details, products quickly with the mostsimple and safest place Keep details fixed during machining, assembly or test. Must have sufficient rigidity, ensure clamping force according to the design. Positioning pins, guide mechanism for clamping mechanism must have good anti-wear properties, long service life. With some special working environments, it is necessary to have anti-deformation due to heat, high load, avoid chemical corrosion, moisture ...

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CNCVina - The leading designer, manufacturer of  jigs in Vietnam

With many years of experience in the field of jig design and manufacture, CNCVina always provides its customers with the most optimal jig designs with the precision and technology ensured as required.

In processing, we provide all kinds of milling jigs, hole drills, box type, more ...

In assembly line:

specialized jigs such as Jig Semi, wet gas collectors, Jig set casting parts. Mounting of casting parts, brake oil pump, gas engine gearbox cap test, auto jig, car seat assembly ... 

Jigs to assemble car seats, automatic clamping machining for cnc machines, and casting parts. Detailed test jigs, brake oil pump. 

Customers interested and in need of designing, manufacturing specialized jigs, specialized JIG please contact Hotline: 0985178100. CNC Vina Company, factory location in Tu Liem industrial zone-Hanoi.