Cat tia nuoc CNC-CNC waterjet cutting

CNC waterjet cutting

CNC waterjet cutting for sheet metal is a special fabrication method. It is used for machining, fabricating samples, cutting machine parts from thin, medium, thick to very thick sheets that machining methods such as milling, turning, and cutting are not possible or cannot guarantee technology. It is also used to cut, shape 2D profiles with large thickness, create holes, drill holes on steel plates, stainless steel. Helping to create embryos quickly for the process of manufacturing and assembling automatic machines and specialized machines today.

With its excellent machining capabilities, CNC water jet cutting delivers higher productivity on thick sheet metal materials, with high precision, better cut quality than plasma cutting. Especially cutting water jet without heat, not creating water. Should not cause structural changes, product warping after cutting helps keep the desired shape.


CNC waterjet cutting on Bystronic Byjet Smart 3015 water jet cutting machine

CNCVina provides CNC metal cutting services (sheet steel, aluminum, stainless steel, …) on the Byjet Smart 3015 Bystronic machine with high accuracy and the most reasonable price. CNCVina’s waterjet CNC cutter is made by the leading water jet cutting machine Bystronic – Switzerland which is one of the first 2 Bystronic water jet cutting machines in Vietnam. 

gia cong CNC cat tia nuoc - CNCVina

  CNC engineers and workers are operating the Bystronic Byjet Smart 3015 water jet cutting machine.

One of the outstanding advantages is that the machine can cut almost all materials such as steel, non-ferrous metal (aluminum, titanium, etc.), plastic, rubber, stone, marble, ceramic, glass, wood, insulation and special materials, thickness up to 150mm for hard materials and 200mm for soft materials (such as foam, etc.). Waterjet metal cutting technology uses a water jet with very high pressure and high speed.

Water jet is a mixture of water and abrasive particles (Al2O3, SiO2 and garnet) that cannot be reused.

Mot so san pham gia cong cat tia nuoc CNC tren may Bystronic cua CNCVina

With automatic manufacture and specialized machines, foot and body structures, machine platforms, thick and hard plates need quick processing time. With fast workpiece creation and precision assurance, waterjet cutting is the most economical and affordable option. 

Currently popular CNC waterjet applications include:

Used for cutting machine parts and rapid prototyping for parts from thick, high-hardness materials (metal materials are only included). Cut the pattern panels, motifs on the slab, steel plates, copper sheets of high thickness, but CNC machining or laser cutting methods cannot handle. Waterjet cutting provides high efficiency and fast processing time to ensure the production and assembly plan of customers. Customers who are looking for a water jet cutting unit in Hanoi, metal water jet cutting please contact Hotline: 0985178100 for support and advice.