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CNC manufacturing

Manufacturing, precision manufacturing including the main types of processing: CNC milling, machining, CNC cutting, EDM wire cutting, metal water cutting…Demand for machining parts, jigs, JIG assembles and tests, processes mass products and special parts, the number of individual units is increasing.

CNC-Vina provides CNC machining services for customers in Hanoi and nationwide. With modern machinery, high precision, skilled technical team and many experience in machining. Customers’ products will be manufactured in the shortest time. Ensure accuracy with the most optimal cost.


CNC manufacturing, precision manufacturing is known for various types of machining such as metal waterjet, milling, turning, wire cutting …

In the development of modern machine manufacturing industry, demand for machine parts processing, mass product processing and special parts are increasing. Precision machining units can have many machine tools, CNC machines to serve their mass orders.

But with its limited potential, not many automakers or mechanical processing units can fully equip modern milling, lathe, and water jet cutting systems to serve household tasks. By machining mechanical products, processing jigs, JIG usually only in small quantities, single and specific. The investment of modern machines with high accuracy is only very few units can do it.

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The most optimal solution for units that need to process odd, single, small parts, part requirements are to find CNC machining partners in the nearest location. This solution helps customers save costs and feel secure about the quality, accuracy of the product as well as ensure the fast delivery schedule.

CNC machining with modern machinery and skilled, experienced technical staff

CNCVina is one of the leading precision mechanical processing units in Vietnam. Our modern processing system includes CNC machines from the world’s leading brands:


Bystronic byjet Smart 3015 water jet cutting machine.


 DMG milling machine Mori model DMC 1035V eco 

Gia-cong-phay CNC-DMG-Mori-model-DMC-635V-eco

DMC 635V eco CNC milling machine 

gia-cong-cnc-tren-may-phay-DMG-Mori-model-DMF 260 I 11

CNC milling machine DMF 260 I 11 


CNC milling machine VM 40 II 


and many milling machines, universal lathes, grinding machines

may do kiem-CNCVina

and the system of other test machines for accurate machining. 

With the best machines and skilled engineers, operating staff, experienced and experienced, CNC-VINA will help customers quickly handle their manufacturing projects. We receive processing from single orders, single orders or mass processing with high accuracy, good price and always meet your progress. Interested customers, please contact Hotline: 0848955566. Location of processing factory in Hanoi