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Brake fluid pump machine

Application of brake fluid pump

Motorcycle brake fluid pump is an automatic assembly machine for very popular assembly lines. Particularly used in the automobile and motorcycle assembly industry. Machine designed by CNCVina with optimal parameters and design. Help with simple and easy operation, ensure productivity for assembly line. Brake oil pump for motorbike helps to pump oil(fluid) for quick braking. The process of pumping, the parameters are always controlled to ensure minimize errors. For each model of brake assemblies, the specialized jigs designed by CNCVina will be changed accordingly and flexibly, making the production process uninterrupted.


Brake fluid pump guarantees the accuracy of oil pressure parameters, brake oil quality control and fully automatic operation.

The fluid pump for the brake assembly is designed to pump oil into the brakes completely automatically. Automatic oil supply for motorcycle brakes.

The oil pump parts are designed with appropriate jigs and use clamping cylinders to release oil pump parts.

Setting up the PLC controls the oil pumping cycle with braking with 8 steps completely automatically.

Automatic operation cycle, simple operation for operators.

Technical parameters of automatic brake oil pump

Machine size: 1600 (W) x 810 (D) x 2310 (H) (mm)

Capacity: 3.0KW

Voltage: AC 380V, 3 phase (50 / 60Hz)

Control power: 24DC, 220AC

Weight: 1300 Kg

The machine is warranted for 12 months by our experienced technical staff.

Features of automatic oil pump system for vehicle braking:

– Due to the use of vacuum technology, the amount of air in the brake fluid is very low, the quality of the oil pump is guaranteed. Avoid maximum gas phenomena that affect the quality of brake assembly when using.

– The jigs are designed and machined according to each product model and according to customer requirements so it is convenient for replacement (DANDORY) and installation.

– Fully automatic process is programmed and controlled by PLC system for high productivity with cycle time about 20 seconds / time of pumping.Instructions for operating oil pumps for motorcycle brakes.

The machine uses vacuum technology then fill oil. 

– Automatic oil feeding machine when the car is still running on the assembly line. 

– The clamping mechanism is also the vacuum head and the oil pump is clamped to the brake assembly, which is already mounted on the assembled vehicle. 

– The stages include: 

+ Vacuum in brake pads 

+ Check the vacuum opening of brake pads 

+ Oil pump 

+ Excess oil suction 

+ Pressure balance. 

The brake fluid pump stages are controlled by the sensor system.

The result returned on the display shows the process control. All incidents are detected and controlled in time to ensure the quality of the assembly line.