May ep dau ong tu dong

Automatic tube head pressing machine

Automatic tube head pressing machine, aluminum alloy tube top for pipe welding process. The hydraulic hose presses are easy and safe to operate with high precision.

Tube head presses used for box tubes: 22×11.5mm, length up to 500mm. Pressing cycle: 4s / tube head.

3 phase / 380v voltage, DC 24V power control.

Machine size: 1400x740x900mm. Machine weight 200kg. Molding material: hardened SKD steel.

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Automatic tube head pressing machine is designed and manufactured by CNC-VINA to perform the pressing and shrinking of the rectangular section of the aluminum box for subsequent welding. The automatic tube head press is simple and compact designed, easy to move in the workshop.

The jig is designed and fabricated from SKD steel with high rigidity suitable for large batch and batch processing. Bring production efficiency at low cost to customers.

Operate the machine easily with automatic features, safety, and uniform product quality.

Video automatic tube head press machine

Specifications of the tube end press machine

Tube head pressing machine, tube head for aluminum alloy tube box: 22×11.5mm, length up to 500mm

Cycle: 4s / tube head

3 phase / 380v voltage

Required engine capacity: 3.2 KVA.

Control power: DC24V.

Machine size: 1400x740x900mm

Machine operating height: 850 mm from floor surface

Machine weight 200kg

Molding material: hardened SKD steel

Machine uses safety button (press 2 buttons at the same time to run the machine)

Construction of tube head pressing machine

may ep dau ong CNC-VINA-cau tao

The tube end press is composed of the following clusters:

The machine body is from epoxy-painted steel structure frame, and the machine surface is machined from sheet steel.

Hydraulic power supply with oil tank and hydraulic pump for cylinder working pressure range

80 Kg / cm2.

Electrical control cabinets with electrical equipment, standard PLC equipment from brands: Mitsubishi, Keyence, Siemens, Panasonic, Delta, Omron … or according to customer requirements.

may ep dau ong tu dong CNC-VINA

may ep dau ong tu dong CNC-VINA

Adjustable tripod for easy leveling and adjustment in the factory floor (optional with extra scroll wheel)

The foot switch and two-hand push buttons simultaneously provide safety in operation.

Jig cluster, pipe clamping jig from SKD steel

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