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Automatic tape sealing machine for face mask

Automatic tape sealing machine for Face mask

Automatically feed, cut and apply adhesive tape to the fast and accurate 2-loop soldering iron.

HMI control screen with friendly interface and many options. The machine is manufactured in Vietnam, installed and guaranteed for 12 months nationwide.

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Automatic tape sealing machine for Face mask is a specialized automatic machine designed and manufactured by CNC-VINA to serve the requirements of gluing tape on mask straps of Japanese customers.

Serial No. :              295010221

Dimentions:             1500 (L) x 800(W) x 1500(H)

Voltage:                   1 Phase, AC 220V, 50Hz

Date :                       04/2021

Manufacturer :       CNC-VINA

Note: The image in the video is the process of testing the machine at the CNC-VINA factory, the mask appearing in the video above cannot be used for any other purpose than to test the machine.

The machine is designed specifically for the export medical mask manufacturing industry of Japanese customers. Adhesive tape (tape) is glued to 4 positions at the soldering feet of 2 straps to increase the sturdiness and aesthetics of the strap on the product.

The machine is integrated with automatic tape feeding machine.

The supplied and pre-cut adhesive tape will be picked up and attached to the position of the 4 welds.

Manual input mask.

The conveyor belt moves the mask to the position to be glued, the adhesive tape will be completely pressed.

The conveyor automatically shifts the product level according to the programmed step.

The machine has automatic and manual running modes, making the process of checking and operating the machine easy and simple for the user.

Equipped with warning and safety features when tape runs out, product-free and abnormal failures ensure stable machine operation with maximum productivity.

Working principle and operating process of mask adhesive tape machine:

Step 1: The operator puts the product on the strap at the jig to support the product

Step 2: Sensor checks that there is a product, the conveyor belt moves to the tape assembly, and at the same time, the hand picks up the tape from the tape feeder and waits at the tape location.

Step 3: When the product reaches the position of the tape grabber’s hand cylinder,

Step 4: At the first gluing position, the cylinder attaching the gluing punch lowers against the tape to stick to the product, and the clamping hand cylinder opens the clamp and moves to the position to take the tape.

Step 5: The cylinder attaching the punch lifts up, the product moves forward to the position where the rest of the tape is glued

Step 6: At the 2nd gluing position, the cylinder attached to the mask strap pulls down to pull the strap, then the gluing punch cylinder lowers against the tape to stick to the product.

Step 7: After gluing all the lifting cylinders onto the moving conveyor, move the product at the next position, and the lifting cylinder now pulls the product out of the upper jig

Step 8: Conveyor brings the product out and the air blows the product out of the machine

Step 9: The cycle repeats.

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