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Automatic servo press machine

Automatic servo press application

Automatic servo press machine is the most modern and optimal pressing solution today. Servo molding helps replace conventional hydraulic and pneumatic presses. With small to large forces, flexible and precise changes are required to be programmed. Servo presses machine are used in almost all fields of manufacturing and assembling automobiles, motorcycles and electronics … With friendly control interface, servo motor presses bring the main management pressing solutions. confirm both force and pressure. Although it is a traditional product of CNCVina for many years, we still constantly improve and innovate and optimize the design to give customers more satisfaction.


Technical specifications of new generation servo presses:

Machine size: 1120 (W) x 1200 (D) x 2740 (H) (mm).

Source 3 phase, AC 200 V, 50Hz, 6 KVA.

Control power: DC 24 V.

Capacity: 2.5 KW

Total weight: 1400kg

Pressure: 4 tons

Pressed journey: 350mm

Force accuracy: +/- 0.1%

Journey accuracy: 0.1mm

Max speed of press head: 250mm/s

CNCVina is the leading company in the field of automatic machine manufacturing for production and mechanical assembly, automobile, motorcycle, electric and electronic assembly for many years. With the leading position, we always give ourselves the motivation to maintain it and satisfy the old customers, as well as meet the requirements of new customers.

To achieve that goal, there is only one path, that is always improving and perfecting our products.

With the need to manufacture automatic presses as well as automation systems increasingly diverse according to the products. Accompanying is more stringent requirements on pressed quality, Cycle Time for each product and the best investment cost, CNCVina always tries to become a leader in accessing scientific and technological achievements. Modern to meet that trend.

We always try to explore and innovate designs as well as thinking when giving solutions to customers. All are aimed at giving customers the best products, applying advanced equipment to production to improve productivity and competitiveness.

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Highlights of servo press designed and manufactured by CNCVina

New model Servo Press manufactured by CNC Vina has new designs and designs with many new features with advantages:

Compact structure and high safety features.

Force from low to high.

Accurate control of both force and journey.

Simple controls and easy to use interface. Saving energy (saving 80% of energy compared to similar hydraulic or pneumatic systems).

When changing products or product models, there is no need to change the system.

A servo press system can be applied to the same product range. Simple maintenance, high durability.

Connect with simple peripherals, apply to automation process with industry 4.0 CNCVina always offers solutions and designs for automatic servo presses in the most optimal way with the lowest investment.

Customers interested in and need to design and manufacture automatic machines, please contact the hotline: 0915744664 | email: for technical advice and support.