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Automatic screw feeder machines

Automatic screw feeder machine, screw feeder is one of the important assembly machines in mechanical assembly and assembly lines, assembly of electronic components and other products. Japan and Taiwan automatic screw feeding machines distributed by Vietnam in Vietnam help quickly classify and supply screws for mechanical and electronic assembly applications and assembly lines for telephone and machine parts. print. Automatic screw feeder and screw feeder help classify screws, improve assembly productivity, save manpower and increase automation for assembly lines. Reduce production costs, reduce product costs and improve the competitiveness of businesses.

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Operation principle of automatic screw feeder:

Automatic screw feeder is an assembly equipment manufactured for the task of supplying screws and screws in the field of automation, assembly of components, electronic circuit boards, machinery, smart phones, electricity Wireless phones, computers, navigation screens, sound boxes, cameras, small devices, toys … The machine has the function of quickly and accurately aligning screws. The machine can be used to classify and supply screws for assembly for different types of screw heads …

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The machine has a propeller-type screw mechanism, and the screw after being poured in large quantities into the hopper will be pushed and entered into the orbit to position the screw door. When the screw is brought to the position it will stop, the screw cap direction is upwards. Ready for the electric screwdriver, or the screw head of the worker, the robotic arm sucks, then inspects the screw hole at the position where the screw is required to be tightened. The screw, after coming out of the screw door, can also be sucked and pushed in the pneumatic pipe and loaded directly into the screw gun head automatically and accurately. This process greatly reduces the operation and time of assembling components and electronic boards using screws, classifying unsatisfactory screws and minimizing and controlling the errors that are not worth the excess. assembly process. It is easy to adjust to operate on different types of screws with different sizes and lengths.

The types of machine screws can be classified and level is very diverse, can include various types of sizes: M1.5, M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5 , M4.0, M5 … screw length 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0, … 10mm … for a variety of screws such as single screw, flat black screw, buckled cushion.

Assembly solutions with automatic screw feeder:

The screw feeder can be used to screw the assembly worker, using an electric screwdriver to get the screw and installing the screw manually. The sorting and screwing machine reduces the time of the selection step and picks up the screw to proceed to insert the screw head before mounting the screw into the link hole position.

When combined with the pneumatic screw system, after being classified in the machine, the screw is fed continuously from the machine to the screw head continuously and automatically. The screw is pushed along the pipe running from the machine to the end waiting for the screw to be screwed on the worker by the pneumatic worker. The assembly of the worker at that time was simply to put the head of the screw to the position to be screwed and press the button to screw the assembly into place.

Full automatic screw assembly will help improve productivity even more when people are replaced by industrial robot arms, 6-axis robots with flexible movement, minimal operation and 24/7 operation.

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The automatic assembly system integrates automatic screw feeder and automatic screw feeder inside simple 3-axis machines and robots and assembled product jigs also help to significantly improve productivity. Can also be combined 6-axis robot arm, JIG jigs assembled on the chain. This is one of the top auto-assembly solutions offered to customers by CNCVina. Especially electronics customers with products such as electronic boards, phones, televisions, speakers, toys … This automated system will help reduce assembly time in the chain and improve product assembly capacity. Since then, it helps to lower costs and improve competitiveness for businesses.

The automatic assembly of a screw takes about 1-2 seconds, 2-4 times faster than manual method. Screw and screw mounting system greatly improves productivity and minimizes the maximum error during assembly.