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Automatic product quality inspection machine

Application of automatic quality inspection machine.

Automatic quality inspection machine (Auto quality inspection machine) together with automatic measuring machine is one of the necessary machines and equipment in every production and assembly factory of every customer. Machine helps manufacturers to accurately check their products.

Applications of industrial inspection machines are diverse, including applications for electronic component testing, multi-purpose electronic circuit boards, gas leak testing, weld inspection machines, defects by ultrasound. Checking bearings, checking the gloss, surface roughness, measuring and checking diameter, reversal …


The Automatic product quality inspection machine designed and manufactured by CNCVINA has the advantage of designing and constructing machines that can easily and quickly replace jigs and jigs to test different product modules (more than 20 modules). Easy to observe and control, automatic product quality testing machines are increasingly widely used in many fields such as electronic assembly, mechanical processing, medical …

Technical specifications of automatic quality inspection machines.

Model No28 

– Dimensions of the machine: 1220 (L) x 830 (W) x 1793 (H) 

– Source voltage: 1Phase, AC200V, 50Hz 

– Capacity: 1KVA 

– Control power: DC24V 

– Gas source requirements: 0.4-0.6MPa 

Structure and operating principle:

Automatic product inspection machine including parts: 

+ Body assemblies, chassis and movement and cover mechanisms. 

+ Jigs, jig. 

+ Device control and display of information and results. 

+ System of electrical panels, gas for machines. 

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Salient features:

– The machine is designed for use with different models, up to 12 models, replacing the switch between models quickly and easily.

Thereby helping customers to diversify products, improve economic efficiency.

Instructions for operation and maintenance:


+ Step 1: Workers put products into jig, screw screws fasten products.

+ Step 2: Jig jig on the machine in the right position and clamped

+ Step 3: Select the program for the model to check.

+ Step 4: Press the Start button, the robot automatically moves up. The machine automatically measures and displays results on the monitor screen.

+ Step 5: The worker removed the Jig and took out the product.
Instructions for maintenance of automatic product inspection.

+ Clean the surface and lubricate the slides, cylinders, recalibrate after operation time (about 3 months / 1 time).

+ Remove alcohol-soaked cotton to clean the surface of Jig every week.

+ Periodically adjusting Master (measuring and checking on CMM machine).

+ Check the electrical system, whether the gas system is stable or not (check daily before using).

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