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Automatic packaging line

Application of automatic packaging lines

 In modern production, products and goods are often manufactured, manufactured and packaged on automated packaging lines. Bring productivity many times higher than traditional production and packaging methods. With the traditional packaging method, the stages take place mostly manually or thanks to the universal and semi-automatic machines. Consume a huge amount of labor. Waste of downtime for transitions between stages. Low productivity and difficulties in controlling the quality of the stages in particular as well as the quality of output products in general.


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Modern automatic packaging line is a line with a sufficient number of automatic machines to perform steps, segments of product packaging in sequence. Ensuring continuous production and assembly process according to flow and optimal efficiency.

In the industrial automation chain, participants include workers and machines (mostly automatic, combining industrial robots, production process control systems) arranged in each position, each line layout in workshops, factories. Each workshop performs a production stage.

While workpieces, semi-finished products and products move continuously on conveyor belts automatically moving from one part of this stage to another. From the original billet, going through the parts in the chain, the product is gradually formed, the finished product is packed with automatic goods with guaranteed quality and evenness.

CNCVina-partner provides the best automation and packaging lines

Our experienced team of engineers always gives customers the best automation solutions in manufacturing, manufacturing, assembly and packaging. Chain system, machine layout, conveyor system, assembly robot … optimized cycle time, 3D concept, 3D simulation for customers before being put into production to create intuitive and reliable.

CNCVina with more than 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing assembly machines, assembly lines, and automatic packaging lines, provides automation solutions that are always proud of being able to bring customers products. Best products and services.

Some customers in the field of supply assembly lines, our packaging such as Canon, Panasonic, SEW…have satisfied, trust and long-term cooperation with CNC-VINA for many years.


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