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Automatic numbering machine

Automatic numbering machine, machine’s frame number marking application, fast and accurate product serial number engraving with sharp engraving lines. Modern barcode reading system and camera check help minimize confusion and easily control results.

The machine is used in the field of mechanics, automobiles, motorbikes, electronics and industrial equipment with high automation capabilities to bring productivity to customers.

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The automatic numbering machine uses modern marking and checking technology with the ability to recognize barcode, camera check and error control to help minimize errors and mistakes. The automatic machine for mechanical industrial helps to engrave codes, name text, convention codes and serial numbers of products on metal surfaces with fast, accurate engraving time, sharp and aesthetic engraving lines.

Automatic numbering technology is used in many industries such as mechanics, automobiles, motorbikes, electronics with machine number marking machines, machine numbers, engines and spare parts, electronic components, mechanical parts, gas.

Structure of automatic numbering machine

The automatic numbering machine consists of:

The body structure is firm and optimal

The machine table moves the product into the engraved position and takes the product out after the engraving is finished, the product holder can be easily changed to suit many different models

Specialized engraving head with router or laser marker

Camera check for checking the engraved number sequence

Vietnamese / English interface HMI control screen

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Technical parameters of the marking machine

Max engraving area size: 120x40mm

The stroke of the cylinder head: 100mm

Height from floor surface to Jig face: 900mm

Distance from table edge to mounting position: 305mm

Cycle time: 35-40s excluding mounting time

Engraving method: Marking

Voltage 1phase / 220V

Machine power: 3Kw

Air pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa

Weight: 850kg

Video automatic numbering machine

Advantages of the automatic number marking machine manufactured by CNC-VINA

Dedicated laser or router engraving head

Automatically put the product into the engraved position

Smart software to avoid code duplication, wrong code, wrong model

Camera checks the code after marking

Operate automatically on various models with the easy-to-operate HMI control screen

Operation of automatic numbering machine

  1. The operator puts the product into the support jig
  2. Press the button, the cylinder clamps the product
  3. Scan the barcode and receive the engraved code
  4. Press the two Start buttons simultaneously, the engraving assembly goes into the engraving position
  5. The engraving head assembly goes down to the original position then the operator should check the engrave stitch distance and engraved product if OK press the 2 Start buttons simultaneously to start the engraving process (if NG, use the manual button put the jig out to check)
  6. After engraving is finished, the engraving head goes up to the original position, the Jig cluster goes to the camera position to take and check the quality, give OK or NG results.
  7. After shooting is finished, the Jig assembly goes back to its original position, the clamp release clamp assembly, the operator takes out the product, finishes the engraving process.

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