May han quai khau trang y te tu dong

Automatic mask ear loop welding machine

Automatic mask strap welding machine made in Vietnam. 35-45 pieces / minute automatic medical mask welding capacity. Korean ultrasonic welding source. Electrical equipment in Japan and Taiwan.

Stable operating system, professional after-sales maintenance and maintenance service. 12 months warranty.

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Made in Vietnam Automatic Mask Welder is a highly productive medical mask welding solution from non-woven fabrics that many CNC-VINA customers are currently choosing to invest in.

In addition to ultrasonic strap strap attachment machine, portable mask strap welder, mini mask welder with low productivity and investment, our automatic mask strap welder gives our customers peace of mind and confidence with automatic line with Vietnamese machine manufacturers.

The machine is optimized, streamlined, compact, mobile, installable, productive, stable at a competitive price and offers 12 months of professional warranty service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specifications of automatic mask welding machine made in Vietnam

-The machine automatically welds both sides at the same time (loop out). Welder for adult masks and children’s masks

-The conveyor belt automatically transforms the steps and adjusts the speed with an English / Vietnamese touch HMI screen programmed by a CNC-VINA engineer.

-Easy to adjust strap length with servo motor-Easy to operate and operate. Smart design, compact.

Machine size: L1500mm x W800 x H1500mm

Mask size: 170-175 x 92-95mm

Productivity: 35-45 pieces / minute (optional automatic supply system)

Finished product rate: 95-99%

Voltage: 1 phase, 220VAC, 50Hz

Capacity: 6 Kw

Compressed air pressure: 0.4 to 0.6 Mpa (optional built-in compressor)

Number of ultrasonic welding heads: 2 made in Korea or equivalent.

may han quai tu dong khau trang

The mask ear loop welder can incorporate an automatic mask body feeder. The automatic supply unit of the mask body operates stably, and supplies the mask body to the welder quickly and accurately, saving labor.

Weld this mask feeder using a semi-automatic mask strap welder available to customers who want to integrate an automatic mask body feeder and integrate it with the included control screen.

The automatic mask feed feeding system for loop welders is one of the applications of the automatic blank feed system used by CNC-VINA in most automated machine products.

The advantages of Vietnamese mask welders are designed and manufactured by CNC-VINA
Optimal design, compactness, quality

The frame structure, conveyor system, ultrasonic weld head, and control screen assembly are optimally designed to ensure functional operation.

Everything forms a module for maximum compactness. The size of the device is very compact: length x width x height: 1500 x 800 x 1500 mm.

Equipped with power supply terminal and compressed air terminal.

Lightweight and lightweight, it saves installation time and effort. The machine is equipped with adjustable legs and movable wheels for quick installation anywhere in your factory and in confined spaces.
Stable, easy and productive operation with ultrasonic welding source and best mechanical and electrical equipment, high degree of automation.

Vietnam-made automatic mask welders and mask welders designed and manufactured by CNC-VINA always bring the highest quality, high productivity and self-manipulation ability. It’s dynamic and stable.

CNC-VINA always provides our customers with the highest quality products. The frame structure of the machine is manufactured and installed from aluminum alloy, steel plate to ensure the rigidity of the machine.

The surface and mask that come into direct contact with the non-woven fabric are made of stainless steel (stainless steel), which guarantees the quality of your product.

All machine parts and structures are precisely machined by CNC milling, turning, bending, wire cutting, water jet cutting…

Standard equipment and electrical equipment are selected to ensure the functionality and capacity of well-known brands such as Mitsubishi, SMC, Omron, Kisaeng, Panasonic, Delta, Hiwin and Mitsumi.

Control system commands, which are standard equipment to ensure quality that supports the smooth operation of mechanical structures, are executed quickly and accurately.

CNC-VINA automatic machines are equipped with safety sensor system, fault warning, emergency stop function, leak prevention and impact prevention function, and user safety is always the highest priority.

Simple control and operation with Vietnam’s user-friendly interface

may han quai khau trang made in Vietnam

By a team of professionally trained and experienced automation engineers, the automatic mask welder is programmed by CNC-VINA and optimal control system. It provides customers with easy control and operation without the need for much skill or experience in operating the machine.

An easy-to-understand Vietnamese and English interface will be displayed on the screen, depending on the speed and power requirements of the machine.

Professional warranty service, peace of mind

After-sales service (after-sales), including technical support, warranty, maintenance and maintenance of mask making machines, is one of the two main factors that influence all customers’ investment decisions.

CNC-VINA is a leading designer and manufacturer of automated machinery and automation solutions in Vietnam. We provide our customers with high quality line machines with professional warranty service.

Our 24/7 technical support team is ready to address any issues you may encounter during the manufacturing process. Automatic mask strap welders and machines on the medical mask export production line are backed by a 12 month warranty nationwide.

day chuyen san xuat khau trang tu dong CNC-VINA

By optimizing the design, manufacture and installation of medical mask lines according to quality requirements, customer output is also one of the services provided by CNC-VINA and is supported by many customers.

Customers looking for automated machines and lines for healthcare and automation solutions in the industry should contact us for advice and support.


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