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Automatic labeling machine

Automatic labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine, bottle labeling machine for plastic bottles, plastic cans, glass jars, wires, signal wires or labels, decal for any products is an indispensable device and machinery in the current manufacturing and assembly plants.

The machine used with the main purpose is to label and label the product on the product correctly and save time and effort as much as possible. Labeling solutions with automatic labeling machines bring high quality and uniformity, improve productivity and output, thereby lowering price and increasing competitiveness in the market for your products.


Why should labeling, stamping on bottles and products after production is completed?

Automatic labeling machine, semi-automatic or manual labeling machines with the task of labeling bottles, jars, packaging, labeling on products is almost mandatory at each end of the production and assembly line. Because the information on the label helps to show and demonstrate the manufacturer's specifications, proof of intellectual property rights and manufacturer's products with their products. Labels of bottles, jars, and product labels are important brand identifiers for consumers.

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For consumers, the label on the product contains important and essential information. Based on the expiry date, weight, volume, composition, specifications specifications for proper and safe use of the product.

Therefore, the fact that a product is labeled and stamped accurately and eye-catching with full content will bring the value of that product in the eyes of consumers.

What are the advantages of using an automatic labeling machine to replace manual manual gluing?

Labeling, stamps with automatic labeling machines have the advantages:

- Labeling speed is faster than manual labeling many times.

- The quality of the sticker is uniform, not wrinkled, no damage to the label, the sticker is not torn

- Save time of labeling products significantly, thereby reducing costs as well as costs, improving product competitiveness.

Types of popular labeling machines in today's factories. If classified according to the degree of automation, it can be temporarily divided into labeling machines into 3 categories:

+ Automatic labeling machines, decal stickers, automatic labels

+ Semi-automatic labeling machine

+ Manual stretcher, still need to manipulate human control.

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Sort by the type of product to be affixed, including the application of the labeling machine for:

+ Bottles: round or flat bottles, single-sided, double-sided for applications of bottles, jars, containers: pure water, wine, beer, soft drinks, soft drinks, fish sauce, cooking oil, oil viscous, detergent, dishwashing liquid, medicine bottles, medical products, food, chemical bottles ...

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+ Card products, cards, components need to stick parameters, automatically print and paste barcode labels, expiry date, production date on the surface or precise positions ...

+ Cylindrical and tapered products such as writing pens, test tubes, tubular drugs, filter housing of water purifiers ...

+ Products, equipment and electronic components, other products: chargers, phone batteries, computer batteries, computer radiators, bars and stamps for electric cables and signal wires (wiring).

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Continuous automatic labeling machine can be combined with bottle filling line with liquid and chemical bottles. Integrated in automatic lines, automatic production and packaging lines to produce finished products and with high quality and productivity, large output.

Outstanding features of labeling machines distributed by CNCVina:

High-speed automatic labeling machines often use paper tape glue without adjustment, install the system to put the product in the position to be labeled and the finished product is completely automatic. Manipulating the machine once was able to complete the labeling. Labeling time is quick and continuous, bringing about a huge output.

The automatic labeling machines use the screen to display the parameters for users, the 3-color indicator light, the product conveyor system helps the parameters of the labeling process to be controlled, ensuring the speed of paste labels and speed of input / output products are synchronized.

A number of labeling machines supplied by CNCVina for customers can be integrated with automatic printing and labeling systems simultaneously on the same machine. Labeling machine with high-quality ink, high-end label adhesive helps clean machine, hygiene, good adhesion and not peeling, torn.

Automatic labeling machine

Automatic labeling machine can automatically adjust accordingly to paste many types of bottles, jars, cylindrical and flat products with different sizes, diameters, sizes, different stamp sizes and stamping positions Labels can be selected on request (labeled on the plane with box products, curved faces partially or in whole, pasted vertical products, horizontal product stickers, automatically printed and labeled according to real time (exp day ..) Our labeling machines are designed with textures and materials that provide stability, compactness and optimization. Sensors provide accurate signals and control systems that are accurate, economical, user-friendly and easy to use. Semi-automatic labeling machine helps reduce investment costs, is suitable for small chains or household sizes that produce high-yielding productivity products and utilize labor in a way max.

Labeling machine distributed by CNCVina is designed optimally, without being stuck in labels during printing, date printing, parameters, barcode using ink ribbon dry heat on the decal with good adhesion, reliable . Automatic labeling machine using PLC control programmer makes processing machine faster, more accurate, user-friendly control software is easy to use. The semi-automatic paste design is usually compact, easy to move, no maintenance costs, low investment value, the machine can achieve paste productivity of up to several thousand products per hour. CNCVina provides all kinds of standard automatic labeling machines from designers and makers of Taiwan, Japan, China and automation solutions integrated with automatic machines dedicated automatic filling lines. , production line and automatic assembly according to customer requirements. Contact Hotline: 0915744664 for advice and support.