Xe tu hanh AGV CNC-VINA

Automatic guided vehicle-AGV

Application of Automatic guided vehicle, self-propelled vehicles AGV in production lines

Have you ever heard of transportation vehicles named: Automatic Guided Vehicle -AGV, Robocar self-propelled vehicles, auto-transport vehicles, towing robots, cargo AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), mobile robots for industry and logistics, …? And will they appear more than humans in your factory, production line and assembly? With the development of technology, science and technology in the 4.0 industrial revolution, it is no longer a distant prospect when automated machines and robots will replace people in most heavywork, dangerous and highly accurate requirements.


One of the time-consuming, labor-intensive and unsafe jobs for workers in factories is the work of transporting goods between production and assembly stages, pushing the goods to the location of training. Link of the chain. Now the AGV self-driving car has been taken and done perfectly.

Specifications and outstanding features of Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) self-propelled vehicles

Rowing machines, AGV self-propelled vehicles, Automatic Guided Vehicle are designed to be compact, compact and flexible, with loads: 200kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg depending on customer requirements. Movement speed 10m /min to 50m /min. Traveling along the route is a line of magnetic tape that is glued under the factory floor. Transceiver of wireless signals (RF). The AGV self-propelled rickshaw can connect wirelessly to form a monitoring system through a central data center so that the system operates intelligently, ensuring flexible and instant delivery time. AGV robot body is folded, welded hard structure and protective coating, assembled in clean room. AGV is equipped with safety and protection sensors during operation.

The video introduces a solution to transport goods in the production and assembly line of the factory with the towing robot, the AGV self-propelled vehicle designed and manufactured by CNCVina.

CNCVina has developed self-propelled vehicle AGV since 2010 and is a supplier of AGV products to many foreign companies in Vietnam such as Canon, Pionner, GE, Bridgestone, Nidec, Sumitomo … CNC Vina produces two lines AGV is AGV / Pulling Robocar and AGV / robot crawler (Tunnel Robocar). In addition, the fabricated AGV can be customized according to customers’ transport requirements such as fabrication of conveyor assemblies, transport systems to connect with production lines and warehouses. Customers can choose a single AGV solution or an automatic system in which the condition of the assembly position is automatically connected to the central computer and run the robocar route so that it is best optimized for time, route, balance of goods in storage, production lines. Robots, cargo transport, autonomous vehicles AGV / robocar are one of the products of the automated solution with robot, the robot’s integrated robotics system for production lines, factories and assemblies. Automation solutions with robots have been and will become the indispensable needs of businesses that want to raise productivity and keep up with the general