May tan chot rivet tu dong

Automatic feeder and rivet machine

Application of automatic feeder and rivet machine:

Automatic feeders and rivet (automatic latching machines, riveting presses, riveting machines, riveting machines) of the category of specialized processing machines. The automatic latching machine is designed for mass production, large batch machining with the task of latching on the metal parts of the printer and other mechanical parts. Latching work is usually done on machines operated by workers. Processing time is very slow, resulting in low productivity and productivity. With orders for products that need big bolts, dedicated riveting machines will be the first choice. The solution of feeder and fixing rivet into hole position by each product automatically helps shorten the machining time. Improve productivity for assembly lines.


Special manufacturing machine – automatic feeders and rivet (automatic rivet machines, rivet stamping machines, riveting machines, riveting machines) are researched and designed for many customers in Vietnam. Especially customers who produce electronic components, printer components such as Canon, Brother, Fuji Xerox, … In industrial zones of Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Thai Nguyen, Binh Duong … CNCVina specializes in designing and manufacturing machines according to customers’ requirements for each specific product.

Automatic rivet machine specifications
Reference machine size: 2115x3200x2230 mm

Operating height: 1180 mm

Main power supply: 3 phase, AC 220, 50-60 Hz

Control power: 24V

Air source requirement: 0.4-0.6 MPa

Structure and operation principle of automatic feeder and rivet machine:

Machine structure:

Automatic leveling and rivet machine consists of 4 main components:

PLC control system with HMI display screen Rotating table with 8 positions (with products with 3 holes to be latched).

Automatic rivet head according to customer products

Cluster transfer. Including 5 clusters (3 clusters for leveling, 1 cluster for input and 1 cluster for product release).

The pin rivet are automatically provided by the automatic feeding system with the bowl vibrating feeder and the linear vibrating feeder.

may cap va tan chot tu dong -may chuyen dung

CNCVina’s workers and engineers are conducting the final assembly of automatic parts for automatic latching machines. Prepare to run the test to hand it over to the customer.

Principle of basic operation:Automatic leveling and rivet machines work with 2 main tasks. The automatic 3-pin pin feeding machine comes into place thanks to the funnel system and workpiece vibration bar combined with the pick-up mechanism of the machine.

Common call is cluster transfer. The rivet machine enters the correct hole position on the product. The pin and product terminals are moved to the machining position using a graduated turntable. Combining cruise control and accuracy control system Pin rivet are riveted and about thanks to the latch head assembly.

Finished products are taken out automatically. Outstanding features of automatic batch feeding and rivet machines

Products that need to be bolted are fed into the machine and removed automatically.

Rivet heads are presses arranged around the product turntable. Canopy parts are placed on 8 turntables on the turntable using high-speed servo system.

Each press machine in charge of the pressing operation is equivalent to the position of the handle.

Rivets are automatically supplied by 03 pin dividers.

There is a sensor system that detects errors in the latch-level process.

Time for one cycle is: 4 seconds / product.

The machine operates fully automatically, with high stability.

Easy to connect to the packaging system in the previous line and the machine behind the line forming a closed system.

The system is used for 04 different models, with an easy design for changing models. Our products of riveting machines and automatic rivet are always studied and improved through each model.

Increasing perfection in design and stability, productivity. From that, it gives customers the automatic leveling and rivet machine models with the best price, the most reasonable investment. Similar machines: specialized drilling and taro machines; specialized milling machines; specialized lathes; specialized milling machines; specialized drilling machines; specialized boring machine.