may dan nhan labelling machine LY-T-500

Automatic double labeling machine LY-T-500

LY-T-500 automatic double-sided labeling machine distributed by CNCVina:

Labeling accuracy: ± 0.5 mm Label speed up to 150pcs / minute

Size requirements of products to be labeled:

(L * W * H): 20 ~ 250mm * 30 ~ 90mm * 60 ~ 280mm

Label size applied: 20 ~ 200mm (Length) | 20 ~ 1600mm (Height)

Application of automatic double-sided labeling machine:

Applicable to many common flat bottles with 1-sided or 2-sided labeling requirements: machine oil bottle, fabric softener bottle, dishwashing liquid bottle, detergent water .. .

With high precision and best quality sticker.



Applicable to various flat bottles, square bottles or round bottles of small radian

double side or single side labeling.Such as mineral water, Jin bottles, liquid

detergent flat bottles, beverage square bottles, oil bottles and other flat.

may dan nhan tu dong 2 mat

Technical parameter

Power Supply: 220V/50HZ

Weight: 330KGS(about)

Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm

Labeling speed: Step motor:30〜120pcs/min / Servo motor:40~150pcs/min

Applicable product dimensions(L*W*H): 20~250mm*30~90mm*60~280mm

Applicable label size(Backing paper width):

Length: 20~200mm; Height:20~160mm

Machine Dimensions(L*W*H): 3000mm*1450mm*1600mm


Barcode printer

Ribbon printer

Label sensor for transparent labels

Bottle unscrambler

Round bottle position agencies

CNCVina provides products of automatic double-sided labeling machines for bottles, standard flat bottles and customers’ requirements: fabric conditioner bottles, dishwashing liquid bottles, toilet wash bottles, cooking oil bottles, machine oil … Automatic double-sided bottle labeling machine can easily be integrated into the automatic wire, seamlessly combined with other specialized automatic machines to provide high automation and productivity…great output for your product. Please contact hotline: 0915744664 for advice and support.